E8400 - Asus P5N-D - Temp Readings


May 12, 2008
Hi, I am new to this forums & I would first like to say I have read up on everything to the best of my knowledge & I hope that I didn't pass any information that could of solved my question.

I have a question regarding my E8400 running on an Asus P5N-D mobo, stock HSF and settings 3.0GHz 1.18v Vcore.

Using SpeedFan 4.34 "With advanced options -5*C on both Cores" My Temp1 "CPU-Tcase" reading at idle are 48*C. My Core 0 & 1 "Tjunction" are 38*C
-Reading the Core 2 Duo Guide, the Tjunction should always be hotter than my Tcase.
I'm sorry but I don't know my Ambient. Using Antec 900 Case in a closed computer desk cuby "I leave the lockable front door open"; room Temps are around 25*C.
Under Stress Test, SpeedFan Reads Temp1 "CPU-Tcase" 66*C & Cores 0: 52*C Core 1: 53*C
These Temps seems really High for a stock settings E8400.
(E) If Tcase is higher than Tjunction, then enabling PECI (if equipped) in BIOS may correct inverted temps.
I don't believe that PECI is available with my mobo "P5N-D" I read that the PECI lowers your CPU Tcase reading by 10*C. I just wanted to make sure that the E8400 should be using PECI -10* settings because I am already worried about my high temperatures. 72*C is the max Tcase for the E8400.

Could anyone confirm that I need to set my Tcase CPU reading -10* for E8400.
Does my Core Temps look average to you?
My Temp2 reads 37*C Temp3: 23*C Would it be better to set up my case somewhere in the open, & not in a cuby.
I don't feel like paying the $50+ for a HSF "even though it should be a lot better than this stock one, with plastic turn pins" Anyone recommend a good HSF for a 775 socket.

-Thanks again for your time, I have bee trying to figure this out all weekend reading various sources.


Sep 19, 2007
frogontv those temps are a little too high for me,and if you got your case in a closed desk,you need to get it some where else so it can get a good air flow.being in a closed case is a problem.I just brought the e8400 and the gigabyte p35 ds3l mobo.the stock heat sinks a joke,I never use stock heat sinks for any of my parts.I buy better ones for cpu-video-northbridge.it make a difference.and I have good air flow through the case.it's aways cool to the touch,also it set right next to a vent.this is the heatsink I have been useing for the last two year with no problems http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103031 .there is alot of good heatsinks out there take your time and read up on some of them.hope this helps you


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frogontv, have you tried a BIOS update? If so, even if you subtract 15c, you can see for yourself from the temperatures you've posted, it won't be quite enough. Why not just do the calibrations? Pull your rig out of the cubby, follow the "Test Setup" to the letter, and work through Parts 1 & 2. Then know that Tcase and Tjunction are both accurate.

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