EA: PC Becoming Largest Gaming Platform

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Mar 29, 2009
I have a PC suitable for gaming. I spent $1300 and it is only passable for most of the new stuff. In the meantime my TV is twice the size of my computer monitor and is hooked up to my surround sound. I end up preferring my Xbox 360 almost 100% of the time over my PC. PC has some incredible games that aren't on consoles and will always be the RTS platform of choice but it just simply isn't economical for most people. Surely you all understand that is a valid point. I'm not anti PC by any means but its just logical. Most people don't build their computers either and I am sure most of you will agree that's the only way to put together a gaming rig.


Mar 28, 2007
I agree...DRM needs to go along with those blasted LIMITED INSTALLS.I Can't justify buying something that IS Manufactured to STOP WORKING.


Jan 24, 2006
I'm glad pc gaming is considered big by a large gaming company, but like some have said, why did they make BF2 such a pain? I installed the thing on my home pc but was required to have an internet connection so I can register the game... to play offline! Why do I need to register to play offline?

Okay, no biggie.... until I actually tried to register. What a pain in the rear. After 30 minutes of looping aggravation between the same screens at EA's page, I finally emailed them and a couple days later I was supposedly registered, but I was so annoyed I lost interest in playing and never fired up the game.

I'm not an avid gamer, but what a turnoff. If the game packaging says, "Internet registration required for offline play" I usually stay away from the game.

bill gates is your daddy

Apr 28, 2009
ummm...can I just say...MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!

First we hear that the PC gaming industry is floating in the toilet because of those terrible, nasty pirates (boo-hoo) That we might as well start using our PC's as furniture because they cannot ever keep up with the all the downloading of their games.
Now it's becoming the largest gaming platform??? All I can say is find ONE soapbox and stick with it please.


I think that digital + online purchases (gamestop, amazon, etc.) vastly eclipse standard retail purchases for PC games. Plus a lot of you aren't considering MMOs. Nor are you thinking about the games that soccer moms themselves play. Like Peggle for example...

You also have to figure that anyone willing to buy a decent gaming rig also has more cash for entertainment purchases than someone that buys a console 'because they're cheaper'...


Jun 1, 2006
Wow and I thought that EA was going to spend all of its time on the Wii. Sounds like EA is just trying to please potential investors. In other words, THIS IS CALLED POSITIVE RE-ENFORCEMENT AND ISNT TRUE AT ALL. Duh, why do you think I havent purchased an EA game in 5 years.

Dax corrin

Jan 20, 2009
Please, please PLEASE go away, DemonHorde665. Your abuse of the keyboard and spelling continues to give me headeaches. Mix in a quick re-read before you mash the "submit my comment" button. Maybe you can press the space bar between words, you know, it's the really wide key down there at the bottom of the keyboard...


Jan 9, 2009
[citation][nom]fooldog01[/nom]I have a PC suitable for gaming. I spent $1300 and it is only passable for most of the new stuff. In the meantime my TV is twice the size of my computer monitor and is hooked up to my surround sound. I end up preferring my Xbox 360 almost 100% of the time over my PC. PC has some incredible games that aren't on consoles and will always be the RTS platform of choice but it just simply isn't economical for most people. Surely you all understand that is a valid point. I'm not anti PC by any means but its just logical. Most people don't build their computers either and I am sure most of you will agree that's the only way to put together a gaming rig.[/citation]
I'm sorry friend, but you purchased horribly....
Graphics cards are cheap now...

I built a rig last year for about $600. I have it hooked up to my home theatre system. Best of both worlds - it's more powerful than any console, and it does other functions too, not limited by console functionality. Not even mentioning that machine, I built another one recently this year that ran me up about $800, and I'm playing Dawn of War 2 at max settings. Where did you buy this PC from so I can avoid them?

Couple of things to mention - EA is blind. PC gaming is going to always have a larger installed base than console gamers, unless Mac's start taking more than a 10% interest in computer ownership. The number of gaming capable machines out there far outstrips the number of consoles.

That being said, I disagree with EA. They're jumping the gun - I can see, soon, with digital distribution, that PC gaming might restore some of its former glory; but most of the gaming has been moving to consoles in recent years due to piracy.

Using digital distribution as a way to "combat" piracy indirectly will start seeing the industry grow again, and will stop the current bleeding out that is occurring on the PC as a platform. Mayhaps it will be the "new console"? I think that's taking it a bit far, but I'm all for digital distribution. Everyone wins.


Jan 2, 2007
The PC will surge as a video game platform during the next couple years due to the console aging. Then, a new console will emerge that combines the best aspects of PC gaming with a standard experience and new functionality. The future looks bright for both.
1.PC's are cheaper, cuz u only have to upgrade what u want to when u want to, more selection. Consoles U have to upgrade the whole console.

consoles are still cheaper than any PC's. even with the PS3 being the most expensive console at $400-$500.00 but really how do you expect to game on a cheapo 400-500.00 PC. and the upgrade what you want arguement does not work because if you take too long to upgrade you have to upgrade every part in your PC

2.Backwards computability. PC's. Almost all older games still work. Doom as an example. So when u upgrade your system, u don't have to give up all there old games.

in some way this can be true but the crashbox 360 is backwards compatible. the PS3 is backwards compatible with PS and some PS3's can play both. The nintendo wii is backwards compatible with gamecube games plus it growing list of old games from all the old popular systems.

3. You can use a pc for anything. consoles are getting better, But not even close to what a pc can do.

the problem with this is while playing a game on a PC you have too many other applications running in the background that can hinder the performance when you play a game and the possibility of you system crashing more than a console

4. Graphics. Consoles graphics are good when they come out, but they have limits. PC's always outpace consoles. And, if u don't have the money to buy new parts, u can scale the games graphics down to suit ur hardware. And, when new parts come out, u can crank the graphics even higher.

this is true somewhat almost all games on the PC right now are still the same graphically with this generation of games on consoles and do not have to worry about having a bad graphics card to get the most out of the game

5. Contollers- U are pretty much stuck with what the consoles come with. Pc's u can pick and choose between thousands of controllers. Including xbox360, and asus wii clones...

PC's still have issues with controller as many people still want to use there old PC controllers and they are not compatible with current PC software. the and have to deal with drivers and calibrating the controller on the computer where on a console all you have to do is plug the controller in to the console and just turn it on and it works

6. Multiplayer is much better on the pc. u can pick the servers u want to go on, and all most all the pc ver. allow for more players then the console ver.

once again i bring up the pc's running processes while playing the game if your playing online and you have some system processes running in the background that can affect your game in a big way and not to mention that the players your playing against can have a better GPU than you so if they do they will be able to beat you everytime

7. Number of games. mods- most pc games have mods, some, have many mods. Overall, even without considering mods. pc still has more games. Here is a small list, and some games aren't even on this list.

this generation of consoles is now on par with add-ons with down loadable content and all you have to do is install them on the console and they work right away

8. Repairs- if a console breaks, it costs about the same to get it fixed as it does to buy a new one, and most of the time it's imposible for the customer to fix is. - Pc, easy to troubleshoot, and u can buy parts almost anywhere.

except for this generation the failure rate for consoles has been better with PC's. a computers hard drive has a greater failure rate than any console ever made. and with warranties and extended warranties now it is not much of an issue.

9. Popularity? Almost everyone already has a computer, but how many people do u "really" know in comparison who has a ps3 or an xbox360?

everyone i know has a console a crashbox, PS3 or a Nintendo wii yes a Nintendo wii which people blindly think it is not a real console. PC's still have the image that that PC's have nothing but FPS, MMORPG, and strategy RPG games. i myself tried to stick with a PC but there is not very many console games that make it over to PC's

Okay, I have both a PS3 and just finished a new upper-range PC build (E8400->4.2GH, HD 4870) strictly for gaming only. I enjoy both, but for the serious gaming, it's all PC and mouse/keyboard. I just can't use that goofy controller with shooters on a console. However, it makes for great arcade racing like the Motorstorm series. Also, the PS3 is great to take along for a party at a friend's house and definitely makes those trips home to visit family much more bearable, LOL.

Yes, the PC will never replace the console. But some people need to recheck their math on which is TRULY less expensive. Here's my cost rundown on the two including all PC hardware (not including the PC LCD & speakers in this cost since I use it sometimes on my LCD TV with the home theater like the PS3):

PC - $870
Games - $190 (6 of them)
Total: $1060

PS3 - $400
Games - $360 (6 of them)
Total: $815

That's only about a $245 difference, and obviously, the PC is far superior in both graphics and game playability/versatility with a steering wheel for racing games, keyboard & mouse for shooters, and flight yoke (and joystick for fighters & helicopters) and rudder pedals for FSX. The PS just doesn't have that kind of fun. But, by the same token, when I come home after a hard day of work and just want to vegg out on the couch and game without cranking up the PC and all that, or, when I want to travel and take game away from home, the PS3 is it baby.
bah thought i try, was just bored anyway. It seems the World of warcraft of call of duty crackhead's will defend the PC till the end for gaming. when i was talking about things running in the background i really meant windows services running in the background . most gamers spend hours trying to find out what services they can actully turn off. when i meant game yes {PC has tons of games but games like killzone 2, halo 3, street fighter 4,, resident evil 5 etc etc.

Hard drive failures? do u even know what the average life of a hard drive is. 5-10 years. U think most consoles last that long? Besides, in 5 years when it goes, besides, look at the price of hard drive on a console vs. hard drives in a pc. Oh, and what about that hard drive in the console....???

ever had experience with A PC help desk? hard drives have high failure rates especially these anal gamers who use raid to get a small amount of speed increase. the fact remains pc parts fail more than a gaming console (excluding this generation of consoles)


Oct 3, 2006
@ captaincharisma : Even if a gaming pc is more expensive than a ps3, it really isn't looking overall. I know it's morally wrong, but most people play a lot more games than they pay for. That money 'saved' has to be added to the cost of the system. So I believe a reasonable gaming pc (x3, 4770, 4gb memory, 320gb hd) is still quite a bit cheaper. And sure you can download pirated console games too, but then you'd need a pc for that - and it'd be cheaper to upgrade that to a gaming pc than buying a console.

Anyway. consoles are great for people that don't want to know anything. Just buy a game, hand it to the kids, and they're rolling. But with the abundant limitations on consoles any real gamer would have either a gaming pc, or that plus one or more consoles for exclusives.
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