Aug 21, 2011
I was strongly thinking of buying a video card from EBAY.COM. Something like this

But I was wondering. Is it worth the risk???
I really don't want bias people talking about their bad experiences please. And how bad they think Ebay is.
My friend got a 8800 gts for his mac pro a few years back. It was mod'ed to work with his computer and it has worked ever since. That definatly convinces me to buy from EBAY instead of something like or

Please. Don't make every comment a "NO EVERY CARD YOU GET WILL DIE IN 4 DAYS" kind of thing. I know the risks but I really want to know how big those risks are.
I have sold several video cards on E-bay and other computer parts as well. I would not put something that does not work on Ebay and the reason is I value my feedback. If you sell something that does not work or something that is damaged then the person who is buying it can leave negative feedback describing the problem. The one thing you cannot control is the feedback , once it is posted it stays there. So if you were going to buy a video card from E-bay the first thing you would check out is the sellers feedback and see what that persons reputation is . If they have 100% or 99% positive then you could be a little more confident about buying from that person. The other thing to check out is how many autions have they sold and what in general have they sold. You will also find that there are stores on E-bay. I don't want to paint a completly rosey picture for you because there have been people who have had some bad experiences on E-bay but they are few and far between , so as long as you check things out you should have a good experience on E-bay . The people who run E-bay also provide some protection for the buyers and sellers from those who are out to take advantage so the risk is minimized to allow people to bid and sell with confidence. Hope this helps you.
Well, If I were you, I'd be buying this one. Basically , I'd be weighing the products actual worth to me & the market with the risk I could afford to take.
Right now, the card is something that is much more attractive but a tad too much for my budget, but at one third it's price, I could or would get one blindly.
The seller there seems to have a good rep and has 100% positive lot of good transaction, speedy sale and other stuff kind of feedbacks.
I'd just go for it this very second.


Apr 7, 2011
If you get it Buy It Now and pay with Paypal, you're covered for 45 days. And it works...long story short, I bought a mobile and the seller blocked the IMEI after a few weeks. Thankfully it was still within the 45 day window and I got a full refund from eBay.

It is riskier buying off of eBay, and you likely won't get as good a guarantee, but in the vast majority of cases you should be fine.