Apr 19, 2002
hello everyone... wondering if y'all can tell me how much power i need. this is what's going into my next rig:

2.8 northwood
p4p800 deluxe
512 kingston ram
radeon 9600 pro
turtle beach santa cruz
adaptec scsi controller
2 wd hdds
2 liteon opticals
dds4 tape drive
coolermaster musketeer
coolermaster aerogate or vantec nexus
5 or 6 80mm led fans
antec led light tube
usb cf reader
ati remote wonder
all going into a lian li pc65 case

i'm thinking of getting a thermaltake 420w psu but some people have told me they've run more stuff on a 330w enermax. i don't plan to overclock but i do want to be able to add more stuff in there w/o having to worry about the power. might throw in some more hdds for raid in the future along w/ a dvd burner and whatever the next gen video card will be. i know most people like enermax but their 460w will cost almost double the tt. any thoughts? thanks in advance


Dec 8, 2002
You can figure it out here:
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