Entire screen Periodically Refreshing as if Windows Crashed, and Windows sometimes not loading at all.

Oct 12, 2018
okay, so here is the backstory. Last week I was playing AC Origins, mid-game I had to go out so I paused it and left for about 2 hours with the game running. When I got back the game had crashed, when I tried to go back on it, it carried on crashing until the next day when it started working again.

THEN the problem started happening on other games over the next couple of days, just freezing then crashing randomly, all of them. I checked my disk health, my GPU health, my drivers (which I havent updated since before the problem began), my CPU, everything, and everything seemed to be working as intended. Despite this, every time the "crash" happened by GPU drivers would detect a system crash and reset my "overclock" settings (its not an overclock, I turned the fan speed up)

Following that the problem spread, and still persists. Periodically my entire screen freezes, goes black, and then reloads. But it reloads in order, so first the desktop comes back, then the task bar, then the window I had open, then whatever was displayed on that window. After that when I restarted my PC to fix the problem, windows wouldn't load, it would freeze on the loading wheel. I reinstalled windows and all seemed to be fine for a few days until both things started happening again. I will note that none of these things happen when safe mode is turned on.

Does anyone have a clue what the heck is happening to my computer?