EpsonScan Error message, "Cannot find necessary Files..."


Jan 5, 2008
I have Windows XP (2nd ED.) Intel Core2 2.4 GHz / Q6600/3.25DDR RAM/

How do these files get lost or corrupted, if this is the case?

When I first installed my WinXP a year and a half ago, my C-82 Epson printer and my Epson 2400 Photo Scanner worked like a charm. Then, mysteriously, without doing or changing anything, when I clicked on the EPSON SCAN to scan some photos, I saw this error message from EPSON SCAN…”Epson Scan - Cannot find necessary files. Please re-install the software”. I contacted Epson Tech support, and they sent me troubleshooting ideas of which nothing worked. They also told me to re-insert my WinXP Pro CD, and reload files, but that never worked too.

Oddly, my 2400 photo scanner works with my old Win XP, on another old, slower computer I have for backup, but unplugging and re-plugging that old computer just to use the scanner is counter-productive and a pain in the butt.

Yesterday, my Epson printer C-82 died. Since that was a dedicated printer only, I decided to opt for a refurbished All-In-One Epson NX300. I bought it @ Fry’s. ($39.99 + $19.99 for a two year replacement warranty) I NEVER have bought refurbs before!

After installing the printer, then the software, everything (copier/printer/fax) works except the scanner, because I am getting the same error message when I want to scan something...”Epson Scan - Cannot find necessary files. Please re-install the software”.

I uninstalled the (new) printer and all the software associated with it, and tried this three more times with the same bad outcome. These necessary files are not found on my XP CD to get my scanner to work properly.

Does anyone know EXACTLY what files I would need from Microsoft to get this scanner to work? I could reformat my two drives, and re-install the XP again, and ALL my Applications, not to mention having Firefox browser, I would lose all of my hundreds of Favorites/Bookmarks, a huge sacrifice for the sake of using a scanner, I know.
Thanks for any help.




Ok men...don't use the CD from the drivers from the web site of the manufacturer (EPSON in this case). Unistall all software from EPSON and install the driver that you download. When you install the driver, make you sure that the WINDOWS FIREWALL IS DISABLE, and the antivirus too....try this....if don't work write again and find another solution....

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