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  1. N

    Question Need help with WIndows XP reinstall

    I'm having a problem with reinstalling Windows XP Professional 32-Bit, I need to make a bootable usb but my only viable attempt ended on a black screen with some kind of a corrupt image. I'd be very grateful if someone can provide information on where to download a Windows XP 32-Bit iso and link...
  2. N

    Question Need Help with Windows XP reinstall/password reset

    So I've recently found an old computer in my granddad's shed and he told me I can take it because it's a school computer which he got after our local school swapped them out for newer PCs. It's a Gigabyte GA-8S650GMX/Intel Celeron 2.4GHz/256Mb DDR system. The problem is that it also has the...
  3. P

    Question It's Jammed!

    I downloaded a few ISOs from to install on my XP VMWare virtual machine because I really wanted to listen to the MIDIs on VGMusic that were made for XG actually in XG. You have heard about the elephant in the room, didn't you? (Sorry if the images are messed up, but they...
  4. D

    Question Windows XP VM can only connect to Bing

    I have a Windows XP Virtual Machine, and the only website it can connect to is Bing. I can search things fine, but if I try to connect to anything other than Bing, it doesn't connect. How can I solve this?
  5. T

    Question Windows XP Stock Art Images

    Hi guys! I'm looking for image stocked on windows XP, i don't really know what it's called. Back then when i'm still using win XP i'd like to use the search dog thing (sorry i just don't know what it's called lol) and type image or jpg to search on entire folder and get the stock art image...
  6. Z

    Question Anyone know where the close, minimize and maximize icons are stored in Windows XP?

    I'm on a quest to make windows 10 look as close to windows xp as I possibly can, I'm having trouble locating the minimize, maximize and close button icons, anyone know where they're stored?
  7. fusionskies

    Question 2000'S PC gaming build

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums so nice to be here. :) I've been wanting a retro build for the longest time, so I can re-play some games that I grew up on in the late 90's/early 2000's such as theme hospital and theme park world etc. I have just bought a pre-built system online, a Compaq...
  8. S

    Question Best GPU for Windows XP 32 bit?

    Ok I've been all over the internet trying to find the absolute best gpu option for My retro Windows XP 32 bit build. My specs "OG" Asus Maximus Formula board QX6850 processor 4GB Corsair Dominator PC2 8500 ram 750 Watt Seasonic PSU The board Is crossfire compatible, so I'd like to go the AMD...
  9. P

    Question IDE/PATA hard drive Samsung 80GB SP0822N

    Dear Tom's Hardware community! This is my first post here. I recently found my old computer from about 2004. I was very excited to turn it on and see all the files that are on the computer. I am an musician and I was hoping to find my very first songs on this PC, but unfortunately the Windows...
  10. R

    Question First a disk read error, hdd not visible at all

    So, woke up early, thought of playing something, but my hdd said no. First it crashed on windows startup from sleep mode and now nothing is helping. Tried to use the installation program, but with no results. The hdd was not visible in the startup repair in install disk. My hdd is only 3 days...
  11. Abhay Chandna

    Question Troubleshooting help - Hard disk shuts down and fan speeds up (BlackSOD)

    The hard disk randomly shuts down while using the laptop and then fan goes super fast. There is a black screen but the power button's light is still on. I have to hard reset the laptop by holding down the power button and it starts working normally again. There are 2 lights on the right side of...
  12. F

    Question Editing PC build, March 2019

    Hello everyone, I am new to this community and was referred by a friend. So, please forgive me for any mistakes that I make. Coming to the actual question, I want to build an editing pc for softwares like Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Audition and maybe some gaming. The primary objective...
  13. J

    Question Sparking and "zapping" PSU

    Hi all! I need your advice. I have an FSP Hydro G 750W PSU that behaves kind of strange. If I don't flip the switch fast enough it gives a zapping noise - like an eletrical short. In turn if I don't flip the switch at all, just push it 1-2mm -s it sparks at the back under a toroid. The...
  14. A

    Question i9 9900k - High Temps

    Hi I recently built a new PC. Specs as follows: CPU: i9 9900k Mobo: MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon Cooler: Corsair H115i Pro RAM: Corsair Veng RBG 16GB (XMP Enabled 3200mhz) I'm having massive issues with temps. I was playing Apex Legends and noticed spikes of 91c for 1-2 seconds whilst mostly...
  15. T

    Question First time upgrading, have GTX650TI

    Hey, so I built a PC about 6 years ago, and I could really use some advice on what the best upgrade for my GPU would be. I would like to start playing games on high and potentially stream a little as well. I plan on getting a 144hz monitor along with this upgrade. Price range from 200-300 would...
  16. D

    Question low cpu power when i play games

    i have a laptop with the flowing specs: i3-4005u 6gb ram intel hd 4400 windows 8.1 x64 500 gb hdd after 2 minutes or less of playing game the fps drops from 50-60 to 25- 20 randomly in any game i tried many of solutions like: -updating bios -updating gpu drivers -clean laptop fan and apply...
  17. H

    Question Intermittent Internet

    Hey! Ever since I moved into my apartment, I've been having internet problems. I currently have Cox at the moment, I would use a different ISP if they offered more in my area. Anyway, I'm a streamer and a gamer, I used to get these problems when I had 300down and about 10 upload. I decided I'm...
  18. C

    Question Best Ryzen Cpu For RX 580 8GB

    What would be the best ryzen cpu for the rx 580 8gb?
  19. D

    Question Seagate(SSHD)

    Hello :) I have a SSHD and it seems its acting a bit wierd of resuld of smart one, also tests Current pending sector count 100 worst 98 And reallocated sectors count 99/99 I did all check ups and it did fail last one i did it was (long generic fail) What can this be?
  20. T

    Question Is there a perfect storage solution?

    Hey, all. You know how they always say RAID isn't backup? Well, I can say with absolute certainty that it is not. For the past 5 years, I've run my computer in a RAID 10 with four 4 TB HDDs using my motherboard's RAID controller. The goal was to have fast performance, redundancy, and easy...