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  1. J

    Question How to get 3.5" SATA to work in old Windows XP Computer

    Okay, so I got an old Windows XP system that has an MB800V-R Motherboard. It only has IDE ports and no newer SATA ports. I need a backup drive in case the original was to fail, so I tried cloning the IDE to a SATA and am unable to boot from the SATA. This is the adapter that I have for...
  2. C

    Question An External Blu-ray Drive ... for XP SP2??

    Hello, everyone! お疲れ様です (otsukaresama desu). i hope this is the right area of the site to post this question in. If not, sumimasen. OK so please don't be mad. My desktop PC is still running Windows XP SP2. In 2023. i know ... i know. Hey, it's worked this far. "Why are you still using XP??!"...
  3. CiprianColegu

    Question Computer locks up during Setup is starting windows

    So, I have tried to install windows XP from dvd,cd and usb, goes ok until it says Setup is starting windows, then computer fully locks up. The weird thing is that I installed windows 98 successfully I even burned Windows XP on a DVD and a CD...Same thing... I have tried everything, from...
  4. thepctinkernerd2021

    Question how do i go about replacing the caps on the dell dimension E510 motherboard?

    hello, i have a dell D E510 system. and i got it for free and would like to use it as a media server. i love the case design. how ever i dont want to pay the high prices of the boards used which are known to fail again if not used carefully. im wanting to make a youtube video on my channel on...
  5. R

    Question Intel Haswell Graphics Driver on Windows XP x86 crashes

    Hello, I recently got a mid 2010s workstation and installed windows XP x86. The issue I'm facing is installing the Intel HD Graphics driver. I got an i7-4790 and tried different graphics drivers, whenever I want to install them, the system crashes. If I install the driver in safemode and boot...
  6. S

    Question PC newbie trying to build an XP machine from a childhood rig pulled from storage

    Hello! I'm a big console guy trying to rebuild an old PC from my high school days with XP gaming in mind. This PC was originally built back in the early to mid 2000's when I was barely in High School. My stepdad bought all the pieces for this PC and gifted them to me for Christmas back then and...
  7. Nephern

    [SOLVED] gt 1030 or igpu for i7 2600 in hp 8300

    I own an hp 8300 originally meant as a first pc and i recently got a new pc. ill be putting windows xp in the hp 8300 instead of windows 10 pro, should i use a gt 1030 and another important question, will this even work? Specs: hp 8300 elite Mobo: hp 8300 elite Cpu: intel i7-2600 Ram: 16gb...
  8. E

    Question Getting the internet to work properly on XP

    I'm reloading XP on a Dell Optiplex 755. It has gone fairly well, except that most internet stuff, including Windows Update, doesn't work. I've upgraded to IE8 and SP3. I've also loaded Opera 36. IE8 will only load non-HTTPS sites like Opera will do more but hangs up frequently...
  9. TheFlash1300

    Question Is Windows XP ISO still available for download from the official source?

    Is the .ISO file of Windows XP still available, or is it gone? I would like to download it, so I can install Windows XP, but I don't want to download the file from unofficial/risky sources. I prefer to download it from Microsoft's servers (or Catalog Update Microsoft"), if the file is still...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Can't connect to mapped network drives after power outage ?

    Windows XP PC running on Server 2003 SP2 can't connect to mapped network drives after power outage. . You can see all of the drives but they show as unconnected. Any idea what's causing this. Tried several different fixes already. Thanks.
  11. TheFlash1300

    Question How do i add Legacy mode to my BIOS, so i can install Windows XP and 7?

    Hello. The BIOS Mode Menu of my BIOS has only one option - UEFI. My question is, how do i add a second option, Legacy mode, so i can run the BIOS in Legacy mode, too? I heard that BIOS Legacy is the only way to make Windows 7 and XP to work on my laptop. I would like to install Windows 7 and XP...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] upgrading windows xp to latest version of windows

    i want to upgrade my windows xp to the latest version of windows which i'm assuming is windows 11. I've done a basic google search and it's telling me to install either vista, 7 or 8 then windows 11. can someone please clarify this and provide detailed steps
  13. Ethereality

    Question Display issues with old game

    Hi everyone, I tried playing this old game from 2002 called Soldiers of Anarchy but I'm having some issues with the display. Strange flickering colors and patterns as can be seen in the video I took (link down below). View: I already switched the compabtibility...
  14. fitzy_rs

    [SOLVED] Trouble moving from PATA/IDE HDD to SATA HDD in PATA/IDE ODD port - old XP Laptop

    Hi all, first time poster here. I've been trying for a few days off and on to get my old Toshiba Satellite (M70) PSM73A-00F007 cloned and running off a new HDD. I'm really hoping I'm going to look like an idiot and there's a super simple answer...but I'm really struggling to find a reference...
  15. K

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to install older OS to new computer?

    I have an i5 12600K and Asus Prime z690m-plus D4 motherboard I originally bought the PC to run a multiple boot so I could play older games as well as newer games. To my surprise, technology doesn't seem to be backwards compatible. I have tried installing Windows 7 using the Asus EZ installer...
  16. T

    Question Issue with Windows XP on Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 netbook

    Hello everyone! I have a netbook, Dell Inspiron Mini 1018, where I would like to install and run Windows XP programs, specifically games. I managed to install the OS using a boot USB (formatted using Rufus), and changing the hard disk configuration to ATA rather than AHCI. I installed the...
  17. marvin11

    Question Program not running after changing graphic card

    Hi. I got a PC which is solely used to run an instrument software, i got 3 of these units in my workplace and recently i got a graphic card problem with one of them, the screen would stay black when the case is turned on, so i tried to swap the graphic card with the other identical PC's that i...
  18. Ancient_Fox

    [SOLVED] Any Sound Card for EAX Experts ? | Building Legacy WinXP Gaming PC and I am confused about 'Creative' EAX Sound Cards and which to get

    TLDR at the end... ! I know how much some of you don't like to read essays :) Hello! First of all, many thanks for reading and any help in advance. Longer thorough explanations are welcome. As the title suggests, I am building myself (and my son) a Legacy WinXP Gaming PC. Sadly I didnt want to...
  19. G

    [SOLVED] Using an old hard drive in a new machine

    I have this old Windows XP machine that hasn't been used in years, and I want to ask if it would be possible to use its hard drive in my new machine (Windows 10 Pro)
  20. mwasil

    [SOLVED] Installing Win Xp x86 on a modern (2015) laptop - keyboard stops working during "Press ENTER [...] ..."

    Hi everyone! So, I wanted to try to install Win XP 32bit SP3 on a fairly new Asus GL552VW laptop (i7 6300HQ, 16GB ram, GTX960m, UEFI) (just for fun :D) Since XP cannot boot the installer in EFI mode, I used easy2boot to create a bootable flash drive, and put the XP .iso in the appropriate...
  21. H

    Question CPU in current but not on..

    My cpu doesn't have an adapter so once it explodes, the cpu gets light but the cpu doesn't work.. If why not work please help ...!😩😖
  22. U

    [SOLVED] Help me get my XP sound restarted, please?

    Dear Anyone. I've got Windows XP SP3. I use it because I've got music writing disability software that would cost a fortune to rebuy/upgrade if I switched to 10 (about £600 all in all!) And I'm happy with XP for music writing - but the sound's stopped working (helps if you can hear your...
  23. S

    Question I want to put windows XP on my new PC

    I want to install Windows XP on my new PC. It's not just for kicks I like Windows XP a lot more than windows 10. I know that I cant just download it from the web because I have an AMD CPU and GPU. specs: r5 3600, 16gb ram, Radeon RX 580 8gb, and enough storage. I think this has been done before...
  24. B

    [SOLVED] Opening .LBL on windows 10

    Would anyone be able to help me? There's a windows XP pc at my work which uses a software called Label Gallery 2.0 but isn't supported on windows 10 and I can't find a download for that software anymore for windows XP. As a company we use .LBL files for our label printers, I can't find any...
  25. H

    Question Forgot Administrator Password, how to reinstall?

    Hello, I don't now my administrator password on xp, I want to try formating the disk to factory settings and start all over, to do this is it necessary re installation of xp with a cd? Where do I type in the product key to gain access to do the process? I don't have the original xp cd just the...
  26. S

    Question XP boot disk and USB not working

    I'm installing XP Sp3 on a friend's computer, clean install. I used a disk I've had for a while that apparently had some corrupt patches due to scratches and in turn caused a blue screen during install. Now I can't even get a boot disk to read in the drive. I went to a USB and installed a...
  27. J

    [SOLVED] Possible to install windows xp from a flash drive?

    Hey All, I am trying to install windows xp 32-bit on to a Intel compute stick with the Intel Atom Z3735f processor. It already has Windows 10 installed but at idle the system is using close to 35-40 percent of the processor and over half the ram. I am trying to redline this thing as much as...
  28. M

    [SOLVED] Components for Windows XP 32-Bit Build?

    Just for the sake of it, I am putting together a Windows XP 32-Bit build to use as a secondary (offline only of course) PC. I can locally source the case, power supply, and storage. But I am rather confused when it comes to the motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, and potentially even a sound card. My...
  29. D

    Question Why is my secondary monitor detected as a TV rather than an analogue display?

    Hi guys, So I'm a bit stumped here. I have a windows XP machine (I know it's outdated but it's a special machine that runs hardware that doesn't run on anything but XP) that was running a passive GT9400. Has two displays connected one to the VGA port and one to the DVI port (although its a...
  30. S

    [SOLVED] Why does my keyboard does not work while in BIOS? I am trying to reset/bypass my password on my old Windows XP computer however I cannot navigate with

    Why does my keyboard does not work while in BIOS? I am trying to reset/bypass my password on my old Windows XP computer however I cannot navigate with keyboard in BIOS?
  31. vistagamer6969

    Question Install windows from upgrade disk?

    Hello everyone! I'm a "nostalgic guy" and really want to buy a retail version of old windows (like xp and vista) and I'm wondering if I can fully install it from a disk labeled as "upgrade" without any previous installations before (older than or same) as it would be much, much cheaper for me. I...
  32. eddie986

    [SOLVED] Code 12 in device manager after instaling a new component in my old pc.

    Hey, A few days ago I found my old PC which was an office one (IBM) and I decided to use it for music and stuff.It had it's stock hdd which had Windows XP on,I switched the HDD with a new one which had more storage and had Windows 7 on it(also because I couldnt use internet on xp,even after...
  33. jtech2565

    [SOLVED] Are my parts Compatible for a XP system?

    I am currently wanting to build a pc for gaming using windows xp for the operating system. I have some pc parts laying around that I would love to use. The parts i have so far: Are these parts compatible with windows xp or do I need to get parts older parts?
  34. arvindgmail

    [SOLVED] Where can I get a Generic PnP Monitor driver for windows XP that supports Full HD resolution

    Hi My monitor supports full HD i.e. 1920 * 1080 resolution, but unfortunately that resolution is not supported by the native Windows XP Generic Monitor driver? Where can I get a monitor driver (generic) that supports Windows XP? My monitors driver only supports Windows 7 and above? Yours...
  35. T

    Question Joystick bricks computer, stops posting

    Hi. this is my first post so i dont know if this is the right place to ask this but i urgently need help. My windows xp computer has stopped posting completely after i plugged in a joystick into the joystick port. when it turns on, everything sounds like its working (for example, the hard drive...
  36. P

    [SOLVED] “Windows can not find a certificate to log you on the network” error on Windows XP

    Hi, We have had our broadband upgraded and we have installed it and are using it fine on most of our devices. Whenever I try to connect to the network on my Dad's XP computer, I get the following error message: "Windows can not find a certificate to log you on the network”. I have tried these...
  37. nomad_00

    Question how would i be able to download an iso file off a cd/dvd for windows?

    how would i be able to download an ISO file off a cd/dvd for xp/vista? i have the codes and the disks so i can do it non illegally. i would like to have them cause i have a vm that i would like to run old games/software but what program would be able to get bootable ISO file and if so would it...
  38. T

    [SOLVED] I need a PCI slot graphics card and some advice...

    I've recently acquired a HP pavilion a340a and am having a competition with a friend on who can supe up their early 2000s computer for the cheapest and the best. unfortunately He has a Mother board that has PCIe slots and he has put in his old 750ti where I can not. I've been looking at parts...
  39. RealSmoke

    [SOLVED] Does a secondary hard drive help with video recording?

    Hi, i have a old hp dc7600 small form factor with a: Pentium 4 630 , 3GB DDR2 ram , Nvidia Geforce GT710 MSI Low Profile 1GB DDR3 , 80 GB Hard Drive 7200 RPM. Windows Xp Pro.. I mainly use this pc for windows xp games and the one's i play work perfectly : Far Cry : 40-80 Fps Very High...
  40. lonskyne

    Question Stuck in a chkdsk loop

    Tried to boot up an old machine, gets stuck in a chkdsk boot loop. When I try to boot windows xp with a CD with an ISO it says "Press any key to boot from CD" and when I press a key it justice freezes and nothing happens. Can't boot from a USB because its an old BIOS that doesn't allow that...