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  1. Question Can't boot system

    All of a sudden my computer stopped booting up. When I press power button, it turns on, the power supply is working, motherboard light is green, USB ports receive power. However power supply LED is not working, monitor receives no signal and USB mouse and keyboard don't indicate any signatures...
  2. Kescarte_DeJudica

    Question Which monitor upgrade should I get for my gaming setup? 4k 144 hz vs. 1440p 165hz

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to upgrade from my 1080p 60Hz monitor that I started off with to a monitor that is a lot more gaming oriented. I'm torn between too very nice monitors, and would love some community input. For reference, my build is an i-7 6700k 4.0 Ghz (I haven't overclocked it...
  3. D

    Question Is it possible to upgrade this prebuilt?

    Prebuilt in question: I would like to upgrade the motherboard, PSU, ram, and cpu. My parents bought me this for Christmas because they didn't trust me putting the parts together but...
  4. Anujsup

    Question Laptop Display not working but external display working properly.

    Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E6430 laptop. Actually a month ago the hinges got broked and yesterday the display wire which passes through the hinges got broked and a small amount of smoke came from the wire causing the display getting off. I then tried to connect my laptop to a external display...
  5. I

    Question ASUS Motherboard Upgrade

    Hey guys, I have an ASUS Vivobook Max X541UV with the i7-6500u CPU. My motherboard (60NB0CG0-MB3011) has an issue due to water damage and so I'm planning on getting a new/used one. I'm thinking of the i7-7500u. I'm just not sure if it is compatible. How do I check that BEFORE investing. Any...
  6. E

    Question My razer electra v2 USB keeps cutting out?

    I got my Razer electra v2 last september and since then, it has been cutting out randomly could be 5 times an hour or once a week? I have fully updated firmware for the headset and have spoke to razer support who told me to download synapse, which I did. This has not made an improvement and the...
  7. Wires1001

    Question What's a good upgrade for an Intel Core i5 3450?

    So I have a system that's showing it's age, power supply fan is making noise, hard drive seems to be failing, and I need to upgrade the OS- not to mention it's about 7 years old. So I was thinking about building a system myself this time. However, I can't seem to find a viable replacement for...
  8. CoreyDC

    Question Desk PC air flow

    Designing a desk PC at the moment and just trying to make sure I have enough air flow through the desk, and also if the intake fans will work how I want to position them, I’ll attach a drawing I’ve done to show how I want to position them, if you guys could let me know if it will work. This...
  9. J

    Question GPU Issue?

    Firstly, thanks :) SO. I've had this issue for quite a bit of time now. For some odd reason, my games tend to get choppy after around 45 minutes of use (this is a variable, it could be much sooner). Restarts tend to fix the issue on some occasions, however, it's a pretty large inconvenience. I...
  10. Q

    Question Picture misalignment - Vertical Tearing (?)

    Monitor: Dell S2716DG GPU: GTX 1070 Connected via Display-Port The monitor is new and I'm hoping this is something simple because I hate returning stuff... So I'm not sure what to call this (making it difficult to search for) but it's like a vertical tear. The picture is cut in half, part of...
  11. V

    [SOLVED] Is Cooler Master - Hyper 212 LED Turbo compatible with TD500L

    I just received Cooler Master - Hyper 212 LED Turbo cooler (which is 163mm H), and found the Cooler Maser MasterBox TD500L case (which can fit a max of 165mm H). Do you think that this cooler will fit the case? Worried that 2mm might make a difference. Also, if there is an aesthetic part of...
  12. S

    Question No Audio Output device is installed

    I had just changed the display on my Acer E5-575G laptop and i noticed that my fps start dropping in FIFA 19 after 30-45 in-game minutes.When i open task manager system interupts are at 100% for a second and then drop to 4-7%.So i tried looking into it and i used the windows performance recorder...
  13. D

    Question Sound, Pleease help!

    I downloaded a sound driver from a random site and after my sound didn't work it only shows that it records it but i don't hear it!
  14. C

    Question Lan Cuts Out constantly

    Hello, I have a Problem that Starter occuring after i built my new of yesterday. Everytime i want to Download Something lan Cuts Out For a few seconds and than works again. Normal browsing mostly works but opening 10 Websites leads to lan cutting Out again. Mainboard: Asus Prime x470 pro CPU...
  15. P

    Question Upgrade of PC

    Hello, a couple of year ago i bought a pc to play at 1080p with the following hardware: Intel Core i5 4690 MSI Z97 Gaming 3 ASUS STRIX GTX970 KINGSTON HYPERX SAVAGE 8G 1600MHZ SEAGATE HDD 1TB SAMSUNG 120GB NOX TX 850W URANO At first, triple A games like The Witcher 3 or Battlefield 1 run...
  16. P

    Question My lan driver and device manager are both blank

    My lan driver and device manager are both blank. I add my wireless wifi adapter it's not working but when I plug internet cable my internet is working .i want to use wifi adapter how to solve this problem?
  17. keyetmoist

    Question Will it fit can be able to dual channel?

    I’ve was think of getting a Noctua NH-B15 SE-AM4, but I wasn’t sure if it would give enough clearance for ram and dual channel. So please let me know if it will work on these components: •Crosshair VII Hero •G.Skill TridentZ 32 GB •NZXT H500i •And The Noctua Cooler Tell me if it’s enough room...
  18. E

    Which connection cable to use?

    Hi there. I recently bought an LG monitor 144hz, 5ms, UltraWide FHD (2561x1080). I want to connect to my laptop but i don't know what kind of cable I can use to reach the full specs (144hz). The monitor has 2 x HDMI , 1 x display port. My video card is nVidia Gtx 1070 with miniDisplay port, 1x...
  19. S

    Games won't launch on my new SSD

    So, my HDD died and I lost all data. I got a new SSD for m laptop and Installed my games on it and and that launch seem to crash before I even get into the game, I tried Destiny 2, Black ops 4, and Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition. Does anyone know, or have an Idea why?
  20. N

    [SOLVED] Ram Compatibility question

    Hi, i recently purchased two G Skill Ripjaws V Ram sticks(F4-3000C16D-16GVRB)/(2x8GB) and i am wondering if the ram stick supports ryzen cpus and motherboards? Using a Ryzen 5 2600X with a Gigabyte B450M DS3H. Did research online but i am still confused. I do not see the motherboard on the QVL...