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  1. O

    Should I upgrade my gpu

    have a ibuypower bb930 ASUS Prime H270-Plus Motherboard Intel Core i7 (7th Gen) 7700 / 3.6 GHz 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Speed 2133 MHz Msi GTX 1060 single fan Video Memory 3 GB 120 ssd 1tb hard drive Apex 500 watt psu I wanted to buy the 2070 xc ultra. $579 The. There’s the 2060 for...
  2. N

    Connecting multiple computers for file sharing [OFFLINE]

    Hello I need to create an offline network connecting 8 computers together so they can all share files between them and store them to a common storage area where they can all access it. Since this is offline I'll be using ethernet cables to connect them. Can anyone guide on how this can be done...
  3. A

    [Help] Samsung z3x Tool and shell

    How do I use the Z3X tool and shell for free, and without any related hardware? I want to unlock a Samsung Galaxy tab 3 (7.0). Model #SM-T217S.
  4. rookieGamer

    HDD keep disconnecting and reconnecting

    issue- -one of my HDD keep disconnecting and reconnecting on its own while system is running. and once it reconnect all the drives open up and i have to close them.. it happens 2-3 times in if i am running my system for ..10hours setup- corsair VS450 orange ryzen3 2200G (stock speed+stock...
  5. T

    Building a PC around 1080 Ti

    Hey guys! I have got an Asus Strix 1080 Ti and would like to build around it. Will be purchasing the new rig in 1-2 months from now. My budget is $900-1000 for the full rig without the video card of course. Will be mostly use it for gaming. I don't need any peripherials for now, nor OS. Can...
  6. H

    PSU, MoBO failing?

    The last couple weeks I've been experiencing a couple issues and I'm having an issue narrowing it down: ■ The computer will randomly shut off. Completely off. No restart - just off. Can be mid game, could be at the desktop. ■ I can be mid game and the monitors will go completely black...
  7. F

    Need help building

    Hello, First time building and need some feedback/help with my parts. Any advice/issues you see with my current parts would be nice, as well as any feedback on parts that should be changed. (Motherboard changed as per recommendation)
  8. K

    PC crashed and has black screen.

    I was launching a new game when my pc screen went black and rebooted when it rebooted the screen would stay black and if I restarted it would sometimes launch windows automatic repair. Windows repair did not work so I wiped everything and did a fresh install of windows 10. With the new install...
  9. S

    Msi b450 bios problem and no display

    My pc wont boot and no display detected all hardware works well (tested) RYZEN 5 2600X MSI B450 GAMING PLUS KLEVV SSD NEO 120GB WD BLUE 1 TB im pretty sure it was the BIOS problem.I've tried the bios flashback feature but still doesnt work for me.and Plug off the cmos battery still doesnt work...
  10. P

    Help me find an old game I played years ago

    Hello. I'm looking for a game I played like 7-8 years ago. It started with a knight with a sword and no armor (or something like this) in a big castle and you had to fight with some monsters or bad guys (can't really remember what) and you had to get out from the castle because outside the...
  11. L

    AsRock B450 bios update

    I want to update my bios to the 2.0 version form 1.5, asrock says to install theAMD all in 1 with VGA driver ver:18.10.20_NHDA driver before updating my bios but i have no clue what it is or if i need it. specs: ryzen 2600 stock asrock b450m pro4 gtx 1060 6gb corsair Lpx 2666 16 gb
  12. J

    PC won’t boot

    Bought some new parts for my pc but kept the old case; the power button connected to the motherboard via the F_panel however my new motherboard has a shorter F_panel thus not allowing the cable for the power button to be connected. I’m no pc expert but I’m pretty sure the motherboard is...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] Gpu freezing as it boots into windows

    I got a gtx 1070 for a bargain but every time I boot into windows past the login screen it stays on for about 10 seconds then everything freezes my pc keeps running but my keyboard mouse and monitor become un responsive. I have tried almost every driver avaliable for my gpu but all of them turn...
  14. S

    samsung hd502hj how to recover data

    Hi guys! I've this hardisk samsung hd502hj and my friend told me that it has this errors: Bad Pcb Swapped Rom Corrupted Files System How I can recover this hd, so I can restore my data? Thank you!
  15. W

    Which system to upgrade?

    Okay so basically I’m looking for a cheap option for a second computer to be able to play games on decent settings for when someone comes over. Option 1: Buying off a friend, ($200) CPU: Fx-6300 PSU: 80+ Gold EVGA 650w Ram: 8gb DDR3 Also comes with a normal gaming case and a good...
  16. J

    will this motherboard work with the rtx 2070 gpu

    will the ASUS PRIME H370-PLUS motherboard work with the rtx 2070 graphics card?
  17. Z

    [SOLVED] What motherboard and cpu supports vmware?

    Hello, im looking to run vmware on my dell prestion workstation T3500 ive updated the bios and that still dosent work. Any body have an idea on how to fix the problem or what kind of system can i use to rub vmware workstation professional. Motherboard and. Cpu i would like 6cores and 32gb of ram
  18. S

    MSI Afterburned does not work.

    I tried overclocking my gpu with afterburned was using msi gaming app with gpu in oc mode for a few months but I wanted to oc the gpu more but when I change the mgz and memory it doesnt change nothing happens core clock stuck at 1113ghz I tried using afterburned versions 4.6, 4.5 and 4.4.2...
  19. M

    Dual Link DVID to HDMI

    help, do i need active adapter or passive adapter for my Powercolor RX570 4gb.
  20. K

    Hey so i just ugraded my prebuild gaming pc with a new gtx 1070 and a new power supply of 650 watt

    Hey so i just ugraded my prebuild gaming pc with a new gtx 1070 and a new power supply of 650 watt where before i was using a gtx 1050 ti and a 450 watts. but now my screen takes a pretty long time to respond after going to sleep about a a minute or two longer than it use to be, Does this mean...