Question Error 0xc0000005 when launching Apex and Fall Guys ?

Jul 27, 2022
I only have the error occur when trying to launch Fall Guys or Apex Legends. It goes through the easy anti cheat screen then proceeds to give the error 0xc0000005

I have tried everything online like switching off DEP and antivirus, updating drivers, etc.
I have trend micro anti cheat.
PC spec
16gb Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz
error code 0xc0000005 is a access violation which means a bad memory address was passed to a function. Problem is it can happen any where.
for a game it can be the sound drivers, the version of the c runtime library .dlls or many other cause.

your best hope if to see if one of the games saved a error or crash log that will give a hint of what the problem is.
google for your game name and see if it saves a error log or app memory dump.
sometimes window will do a live dump and report it to microsoft so they know about the error. you can look for these before they are deleted and put it on a cloud server, share the file for public access and post a link an I can take a quick look.

to find them you would search your drive for files with the .dmp file extension.
I generally start cmd.exe as an admin then run these commands:
cd c:\
dir /s *.dmp

then take a look at the list to see where the files are located. Sometimes they are located in hidden directories.

last access violation I got in a game was due to microsoft updating a sound driver but not updating the service for the sound driver. I had to manually update it.