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  1. Seeven7

    Question Random bluescreen after wake up?

    Hello guys. I have this system: CPU i7 4790k non overclocked PSU Corsair RM750 RAM 32 gigs 4 DIMM of corsair ddr 3 1866 mhz cl 9-10-9-27 GPU ASUS STRIX OC GTX 1080ti MOBO Gigabyte z97 d3-h rev 1.2 STORAGE 1x Intel 545s ssd 512gb sata, 1x intel 545s 128 gb m.2 COOLING Corsair h115i pro rgb...
  2. J

    Question only 65% used, still getting "not enough RAM" error

    I have 16gb of ram, I use a lot of programs all at once and the memory usage gets up to 65%, usually around 65%-70% I get a lot of errors, I want to use my ram up to at least 90% but I can't. please help.
  3. C

    Question Problem with GPU? Artifacts maybe? Display? I tried everything! You're my only hope to get answers - So, this happens in games Notes: Good fps and low temps so this isn't a problem! tried every V-SYNC it DOESN'T happen only in GTA installed last driver using nvidia GeForce Experience ofc windows 10 home gtx 1660, 6gb (NOT OC) i5 9400f (NOT OC) power suply 450W...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] Bsod stuck at 0%

    Installed a new game then tried to run it and got a bsod with just the stop code "Kmode exception not handled" and it's been stuck at 0% complete collecting info for 20mins. Is it safe just to hard restart by the power switch?
  5. felixdoktor

    Question Ssd wont bootbut works

    So, I woke up today to start my computer into a 9c boot problem, got rid of it and tried to boot only to find out that the error was caused by my ssd failing to boot and the MB trying other boot options. Unpluged the ssd pluged it into another pc. Still wont boot, but when i boot the other pc to...
  6. D

    Question external HDD data error (cyclic redundancy check) Help!

    hi all! i got this, "data error (cyclic redundancy check)" error message yesterday when i tried to open a folder on my external HDD (and i'm using this one: ) ofc, i immediately googled the error and tried this...
  7. StormBrew

    Question Computer Has Been Working Fine for Years, Now Only Turns on When I Flip the Light Switch

    My desktop had been working fine up for the last few years up until a few days ago when it started acting super strangely. The front IO power button had stopped turning the computer on. This was a problem that I experienced a few years back after I had first built the PC, and had no actual...
  8. Question perfmon report results

    Hi there To be straight to the point, my pc was running well, and then a couple of days ago I discovered that my games were running unbearably slow (low fps), and my pc was also taking a while to start up various applications. Moving on, I have looked around, and someone told me to run a...
  9. dumidrexel17

    Question Color Corruption (Blue/Purple) on Chrome

    I have some weird problems with colors on Chrome today, wherever I go, there are blue or purple color RGB corrutions/glitches. How do I fix this? I attacehd a link with multiple pictures. View:

    Question mobo will not boot with 2 Ram sticks

    I apologize, I know there are threads with people looking for help just like me with similar issues. I have read many and still have issues. I'm actually repairing a buddies build and I am about stumped. Mobo - msi b250m CPU i7-7700 Ram- have tried 2 different brands this one is 2x8gm XPG...
  11. C

    Question File explorer turns black until I move the mouse or hit refresh (video in the comments)

    So idk where to put this but I chose Windows 10 because I hope from all my heart not to be my graphic card or other expensive component. Here is the video: It come back to normal with mouse over the black screen or if I hit the REFRESH button. Help me guys.Thanks and...
  12. PhantomPheon

    Question Recieved the CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED a couple of times, and now my PC isnt detecting a boot device

    So, for some context: before today, I haven't experienced an issue with my PC beyond the common, easily resolvable issues. However over the course of the day, I have received four/five blue screen errors, all if which are listed as CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. The first time I received this error, I...
  13. G

    Question Pc turns on, fans spin but no display in the monitor

    I just finished building my new pc, i think everything is conected correctly and the pc turns on but there is no image displayed in the monitor, i really dont know what it could be, i have a Gigabyte B450M DS3H A ryzen 5 2600 and a Corsair vengeance LPX 8gb 2400 MHz Maybe the ram is not...
  14. A

    Question Getting bluescreens while gaming... please, help

    Hello, I desperately look for help everywhere, because I don't know how to solve my problem and so sorry for my bad english skills in advance! I got a completely new computer 3 months ago, it was meant to be for gaming. 2 first months were completely horrible, everytime I tried to play games...
  15. VideoklipBG

    Question GTA V crashing radomly with no obvious errors

    Since the past few days I've been experiencing really strange, increasingly frequent crashes with GTA 5 (Online & Story Mode). While playing (doesn't matter where I am in-game, what am I doing or what's happening around) the game randomly closes, without any stuttering or freezing, and the...
  16. Question Checkerboard on Login in [Picture inside]

    which looks like this,Checkerboard Artifacts. This PC im using is New about 2weeks, all parts are new except the GPU which is an Sapphire Nitro+ RX480, This GPU was used in 2 Previous builds and worked flawlessly! here are the specs of the PC. PC PartPicker * Keep in mind this error happens...
  17. E

    Question Graphics card issue - Constant crashing

    I recently upgraded form a 960 to a RTX 2060 6gb, I brought Ark and played for a while i started to get crashes but only now and then and then i could play fine which wasn't really a problem. However the problem occurred when i tried to play fortnite i only recently downloaded it and played for...
  18. S

    Question GTX 1070 Code 43 Error after installing new PCI-e Card. SLI Issues

    Hello Everyone, Hoping I can get some help here. My second GPU is returning a code 43 error, installed in my second PCI-e port (second closest to the CPU) PC Specs: Mobo: Gigabyte x99 Ultra Gaming CPU: Intel i7 6800k no overclock RAM: 2x 16gb ddr4 GPU: 2x Nvidia GTX 1070 - Working: 1...
  19. xot1ko

    Question clock_watchdog_timeout error

    Since a couple of days I get a blue screen with the error message CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT every time I try to play a game. I have no idea what could cause this problem. I tried everything on this blog: but nothing worked I need help...
  20. BrutalButSlaps

    Question Having Permission problems with my SSD

    Hello everyone, im currently having problems with my SSD and it not giving me sufficient permissions with anything that is related to the SSD. I know that it is my SSD as i am only having problems with it and not my HDD. -Games settings wont save when they are on my SSD when i restart the game...