Question Ethernet and Wifi Repeater problem

Jun 29, 2021
Hello, so yesterday I bought myself a wifi repeater (Gembird WNP-RP300-03-BK) as I need some wifi in my room and installed in under my desk. It was running all fine, but suddenly internet from my pc was gone, but wifi repeater still worked and gave out working internet to my phone. My whole setup is: Internet modem to ethernet switch and through switch goes connection to my to computer's through ethernet cable and then one cable to my wifi repeater and it goes into outlet. If I remove cable from my wifi repeater and then remove it from my pc and plug it back in both repeater and ethernet cable to pc, it all works again just fine for couple of hours. Anyone got any clues?


Update your post to include make and model information for modem, router, or modem/router if combined.

Line diagram as I understand your connections ( ------> representing Ethernet cables )

ISP --- coax, DSL, or fiber cable ----> Internet Modem/Router (?) ------> Ethernet switch --------> (1) your computer and ------>(2) wifi repeater -----> (? outlet).

What outlet is that?

Edit and correct my line diagram as necessary. Include all wired and wireless devices.

Note: A wifi repeater under a desk is not a good location. The repeater should be generally high up and centrally located.