Question Ethernet Cable wont connect to a laptop

Apr 25, 2019
hello, I need some help.

So I play games and in my house, the connection in my room (which is not the closest to the router), the ping is high on games.

So I use an ethernet cable to get a better ping.
However just today, the ethernet cable stopped working.
And its not the ethernet cable as I have 2, and both don't work.
Its not the router, as I tried on a different laptop, and the ethernet cable works.

so basically, the ethernet stopped connecting to my laptop, but it was fine yesterday.

The laptop is less than 2 weeks old.

does anyone have any advice? how to get the ethernet cable to work.

I have tried to install the realtek network controller driver, and everything. the best i got is, in device manager, the network controller was greyed out, and when i "properties" it, it says its not connected to the computer, (code 45).

since then i decided to reinstall my whole windows from scratch.

However it still does not work.

i havent installed anything relating to the ethernet wise on the fresh windows 10.

if you could help, that would be amazing.

and also, why ping is high in a different room when im not right beside the router (but only in my house).


List your computer's specs like so:

Are you on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard? Pertaining to the new installation of OS, did you recreate the installer using Windows Media Creation Tools?
Apr 25, 2019
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2500U
Motherboard: HP 84E8 (FP5)
Ram: 7.00GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 286MHz (17-17-17-39)
SSD/HDD: 238GB KBG30ZMV256G TOSHIBA (Unknown (SSD))256gb SSD
GPU: Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz). 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics (HP)
PSU: (no idea how to find my power supply unit )
Chassis: (its a laptop) (HP pavilion 15")
OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit

not sure if im on latest BIOS.
I reset using the in laptop windows reset option. not the Media creation.
This kind of "only this PC and it worked last night...." I blame on Microsoft W10 and their forced-update on you.

I would run Restore and pick a checkpoint prior to this problem. New data should be safe but all your new settings since then will be reversed to that checkpoint in time.

If this doesn't work, I would deal with the LAN driver, assuming the latest update broke it.
Apr 25, 2019
but i already reset the PC, and i havent updated any windows updates.. there is many to update. but it still doesnt connect.

before i reset the PC, i tried installing the LAN driver, however it just wouldnt let me, gave me 2 errors saying its not connected and not found.
even though it was a driver fresh from realtek website.

maybe the port? but weird how a port breaks within 2 weeks of using a laptop.. and i carefully remove the ethernet cable if i need to.
Everything expressed here are personal opinions. U do what u feel more comfortable with, and able. If this is a local purchase, is easy enough to take it in and let them do diagnostic. If online purchase, pick your poison.



"So I play games and in my house, the connection in my room (which is not the closest to the router), the ping is high on games."

And "Its not the router, as I tried on a different laptop, and the ethernet cable works".

Please verify that the other different laptop worked using the same connection port/path and ethernet cable. Not just the same ethernet cable connected somewhere else.

What is the actual connection: e.g., a long ethernet cable to the router via other rooms or perhaps an Etherenet wall jack?

Your troubleshooting efforts may need to be extended with respect to the full wiring path.

Who has admin rights to the router? The router's logs, if available and enabled may provide some additional clues.
Apr 25, 2019
no Ethernet wall jack, just an Ethernet cable from the router to the laptop.

the other laptop worked with the same ethernet cable, from the same port in the router.
(basically took out the ethernet cable from my laptop, inserted into the other laptop. and it instantly connected as ethernet connection).

i should have the admin rights to the router, as i pay/own the router.
but im pretty sure i cant access on my laptop, as the ethernet wont even connect (i havent tried, but can do).
but i could try it through the other laptop.

but i can login to the router ip lan, with wireless, but not sure if that would help. need some further instructions about that.

not sure if this helps at all or verify anything.
Apr 25, 2019
ah, searched it up, thanks anyway.

might be the NIC, but what interests me, is that i have a backlight for my ethernet port.

and it lights up when i plug in an ethernet cable, however no connection to the computer itself.


Apr 14, 2018
When a two-week-old laptop fails you return it for a refund or replacement.
Or at worst, get it repaired under warranty.

I won't fix the manufacturer's problem. That's backwards. I let the manufacturer fix it.

You paid your money for it. It's their responsibility to deliver goods that work properly.