Every Game Crashing Since Upgrading GPU


Oct 12, 2012
Hey guys,

So I built a system at the end of December with the following specs:

i7 8770k
16GB Corsair Ram
Asus Z-370P Mobo
650w Corsair Platinum PSU
256GB Samsung m.2 SSD
512GB Sata SSD
1TB WD Black HDD

Up until a few days ago I was using my older GTX 970 with no issues. Since I've installed my new 1080 though (no OC), i've been having constant crashes in games. Every single game, about 20-30 minutes in will crash or lockup. To clarify, it doesn't BsoD, it kicks me out with either a "*blank* has stopped responding" or it gives me it's own error through it's launcher (more common).

I honestly don't know where to even go with this. The high price of GPUs at the minute means that this is really bumming me out.

The crashes rarely show up in event viewer, when they do it points to the display driver, but i've tried multiple versions of the Nvidia driver at this stage.

So far i've tried running some benchmarks, and completing uninstalling my Nvidia driver and reinstalling it clean.

Has anyone any tips on what I could do to narrow the issue down? Thanks in advance.
I'm assuming you have connected the correct pci-ex connector to the card.

What I'd do is try to stress test the card with a non game test. I like Furmark for this. Run that and see if it happens. I'd use something like MSI Afterburner to monitor GPU temperatures as well. The fact that it seems to take some time implies the card is slowly heating up and eventually gets too hot. I think if it was a power supply issue it'd probably happen as soon as the card was placed under a load.

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