Question Every time I plug in my second monitor both monitors loses signal from the computer

Jun 4, 2019
Just to clear things up here are my specs:
AMD A8-7600
MSI A78HM-E35 Mainboard
2x4gb HyperX Fury 1866mhz ddr3
Sapphire Pulse RX 570 4GB
Thermaltake Litepower 550W PSU
Acer 1440x900 Monitor
Dell 1366x768 Monitor (Primary)
Since both monitors only support VGA connectors I used an HDMI to VGA Converter for both to connect to my Graphics Card

So my uncle gave me his old monitor and I brought it home to make a dual monitor setup for my editing rig. I set it up and after I plugged it to my hdmi to vga connector and connecting it to my RX 570, I opened the system unit. At first it showed the motherboard symbbol / brand screen. Then when it came to windows it just lost signal. I tried again a couple of times and I tried a different option. I launched my computer first with only my primary monitor, and then when it boots to windows, I just plugged in the secondary in which both monitors lost signal from the computer again. After that I tried to one by one test the monitor if that's the cause of the problem. However, it''s not and it's perfectly fine on a one monitor setup but when used at the same time the problem comes up.

Later on I tried using the onboard graphics, inwhich both monitors showed signal. After testing it on the onboard graphics, I removed the driver for those and placed back my RX 570 to the board and installed the driver. Then I tried using the dual monitor setup again and still no success.

Hope to see a reply.
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