Nov 17, 2006
Is this a good buy? You have to be the first to click buy it now, so you have to be lucky. But is it a good deal?

If you plan on a 4 way SLI setup, maybe. If you want gaming then you can get a Core i7 920 with a X58 mobo for way less that can do SLI/CrossFire or a Core i5-750 and P55 that can as well or even a Phenom II X4 and AM3 mobo thats better and cheaper.

Unless you are going to be doing video encoding or are doing 4 cards in SLI its not worth the extra $1K that you can spend on better GPUs.


Jan 27, 2009
This is a helluva deal if you can use this much motherboard, be aware that it is an XL ATX form factor and will only fit in a few select cases. Will definitely build a kickass system if you can afford to do it.
Well, a 'waste of money' is different in some people's opinions... some can find it perfectly justifiable to buy an i7 980X, an EVGA X58 4-Way SLI Classified, 12GB of Dominator GTX2 RAM, four 256GB SSDs, and four GTX 480s, all watercooled by a $1000 kit. But, I agree with amdfangirl - it is a waste of money in this case, unless you do plan to buy all of the above, and try to play Crysis at 2560 x 1600, Very High with 16x AF and 4x AA, and actually have a lot of money to spend on a computer system. Donation's a better option IMO.

Lol at 'The extremely rare and limited Intel® Guy 4GB USB drive is included in this amazing combo!' I wonder if it's even USB 3.0...

I personally wouldn't get it even if I had the money - I'd have to camp EVGA's site for several hours just to get that deal...



I doubt it's USB 2.0.

Lmeow, keep in mind this kind of performance will be Celery-class in about half a decade, and maybe mainstream in 3 years. I'd rather see my money in a little safe getting a bit of interest.