Jun 26, 2012
my 1tb external hard drive which i have been using to store and back up
all my photos and xvid movies has just stopped working my pc was reading it ok
but now for some reason it just does not read or find my external drive any more
my drive is a Core by CnM' have you got any info or help for me please,any help
would obviously be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


happened to me. I could not get it to work at all.

This is what i did.

**disclaimer** i am not responsible for and damage to hardware.

I took apart the external HDD. It has a hard drive inside you can put in a bay or in your computer.

I took apart my WD 1tb (black plastic case) and took the drive out. placed it in a HDD bay and it worked. If you do this and it works i would backup everything on it in case it is the drive and not the external hardware.



Most likely the bridge inside of the box going bad on you.

Do like inerax suggested
Or remove the HDD and connect direct to SATA port... you should be able to read the data...
Back it up ASAP, one you able to access the data.


the BRIDGE! i could not think of the name lol..

I have moved away from external drives because i have had very bad luck with them.

The drive never seems to fail its the hardware that runs the drive inside the casing.

What i am doing now is i run a hard drive bay. I plug 2 HDD into them and it is yet to fail.