Question Extremely Fast Internet Speeds, but Slow Download Speeds


Dec 2, 2019
I've looked up a lot of things and I can't really seem to pinpoint the issue. I'm using an ethernet cable that's directly into my router and I'm getting really slow download speeds, no matter if I'm downloading from Steam, Epic Games, or wherever.

I've done many speedtests and I'm usually in the 800-950 Mbps range with my download and upload speed. Since I can't seem to be able to upload an image here, I'll type some of the results I got recently-
Speedtest - 884.29 Mbps download and 850.41 Mbps upload

On Epic Games whenever I was updating a game I started out at around 30-40 MBps and then it dipped to about 10, to around 4-5 and it seemed to not want to download and took almost 15-20 minutes to update a 2gb update...
This is hard to say speedtest is actually a file download and upload. In addition on very high speed connections it will attempt to use a multistream transfer like steam or torrents do. This is pretty much the only way to test the the newer 2.5 and 5g bit internet connections people have.

The main difference between speedtest and stuff like steam or epic is those are separate programs where speedtest runs in the browser. Look for any software that might be restricting those. It would be something that talks about QoS or favoring one kind of traffic over another. CFOSspeed is a very common one. A lot of time this software is bundled with motherboards or video cards.

The main problem is you don't really know if there is some difference in the internet path to these site and speedtest. If you were to choose speedtest servers in other cities you will get very different results at times. It can also be the game company server in some way. I know steam is really strange at times. It will download some stuff at over 100MByte for me and then only download at 30-40MB on others. It is still faster than what you are seeing.

I guess you could be taking random packet loss that did not happen while speedtest was running. You could try to leave a constant ping run to and see if you get loss, problem is it may only happen at higher data rates and ping uses almost no bandwidth.