Question Fake GPU Nvidia GTX 550 ti

Mar 19, 2019
Hello everyone , and thanks for the nice community , i have bought a used GTX 550 Ti and before today i didn't know if they even exist ... :( , it has the gf 106 GPU ( i think its made for GTS 450 ... ) , it works but sometimes i get driver error notification & it crushes at some games with the error message ( the hardware isn't capable of running the requested task )... im using windows 7 x64bit ( Quad core processor and 6 gb of RAM ) , i have searched for the past 5 hours about this topic and i think the problem is , since its fake and its telling the OS that it has 2 GB of VRAM ( but it actually has only 1 GB of VRAM) and when the system is trying to access that extra FAKE amount of RAM the game crashes (The game i tried is Tomb Raider Rise of The Tomb ) , my question is , if its possible to restric the amount of VRAM the card is using so maybe i can make it useful ? thanks all , and sorry for the long topic

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