Far Cry 3 On This System?


Nov 15, 2011
Hey guys, Far Cry 3 question here.
I really want to get FC3 but am not sure if my system will be able to cope with it?

My specs:
Intel Pentium Dual-Core @3.2Ghz
GTX 560Ti

Now, this rig is really weak... thanks to the ancient CPU which bottlenecks my graphics card, but I have to wait another year or so to fully save up for my new gaming system. But, I can't wait a whole year till I can play FC3 :O
So basically, is my system anywhere near good enough to at least play FC3 on lowest? (Maybe at 30-40fps ???) - It has to... because the game was so optimized for consoles that it can't possibly be that difficult to run on lowest. right? (With proper PC porting and patches of course)

I've gone on "Can you run it" and did the test there and it said that my system does not meet the minimum requirements.
Anyone out there with a similar rig playing the game or Will I be able to run it on lowest with playable frame rate?

Thanks :)

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