Fatality DDR2 OCZ 1066 compatatability


Dec 10, 2011
I have come into posession fo a P8P67 Asus Pro Mother board and an I7 2600K CPU. Will the Fatality DDR2 OCZ 1066 memory work with this setup? thanks for any help.

No it would not work. Diferent RAM technologies are NOT compatible like different versions of SATA or PCIe.

nna2, how could you say it could work? it isn't even remotely possible.

You can't even put a DDR2 module in a DDR3 slot (or the other way around) because the notches in the bottom of each technologies modules are different. If you could the module would probably start smoking, maybe catch fire regardless of cooling and wouldn't work at all no matter what you do.

There are a few older core 2 motherboards that had both DDR2 slots and DDR3 slots but could only use one technology at a time but such boards can't ever be built again. This is because of a component called a controller. There are controllers for any interface technology, such as SATA, DDR2, DDR3, and much more. A controller is a go-between for the interface (and any device on that interface) and either a chipset or a processing unit. unlike SATA, DDR interfaces are all very different and can't work together. Core 2 motherboards had the DDR2 or DDR3 (or both) controller(s) but the older Athlons and all newer CPUs have the controller built into the CPU because it increases performance. When the controller was built into the motherboard it was the motherboard that decided RAM compatibility. Now it is built into the CPU it is the CPU that decides RAM compatibility. AMD Athlon IIs and AMD Phenom IIs have both DDR2 and DDR3 controllers and can use either memory if the motherboard has the proper slots but no Intel CPU has both controllers so even if a P67 motherboard was built with DDR2 slots it couldn't use DDR2 memory.

Since your motherboard has the P67 chipset it is locked in at DDR3 RAM. All motherboards that support Intels Sandy Bridge CPUs (such as your i7-2600k) are locked in with DDR3. Whether or not an AMD motherboard that supports the current AMD CPUs uses DDR2 or DDR3 depends on it's chipset. The older chipsets that support Athlon and Phenom IIs use DDR2 and the newer chipsets use DDR3.