Fatality Z370 Posts, no windows

Nov 19, 2018
As the title says I have an Asrock Fatality Z370 mobo that was running a crucial m.2, 8700k at stock, 980Ti and a 1080Ti, and 32 (2x16) GB of ddr4 3000 which specifically is listed as supported on asrock’s website. My issue is that this configuration runs perfect, I can even add another 16 gig stick of ddr4, but when I add a 4th stick, the board posts, the bios recognises the new memory, all 4 sticks, but windows will not load. I will see a windows sign and a loading circle on the screen, then it disappears and it says, across all 4 monitors, that they now have no signal as if the machine has shut down... but it hasnt. I remove ANY of the 4 sticks and it books just fine. Any 3 of the 4 sticks in any 3 of the 4 slots works fine. Its specifically when I populate all 4 slots with 4 sticks that windows wont boot. I use win10 pro with a valid key so it definately should support 64 gigs, the ram is supported, and the hardware itself isnt bad so I am very confused. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.