Fermi 'slips into January'

To me, this isnt the problem. Its actually having DX11 chips out in the market, and having the mids out, which is most important.
nVidia needs to step it up, for all our sakes, just to move progress forwards


Realistically, it could be June before we see fermi, if at all. That's just incredible - that will be 2 years since the 260 and 280 gtx's were launched.

It's not all their fault ofc but with the yield issues at TSMC I cannot see how a chip so large can be viable unless TSMC are footing the bill for the failures.

As for me, I can't get a replacement for my 5850 and there is not ETA on them coming back into stock so this is a real problem for the whole graphics sector tbh.


Tbh both companies have found themselves in a hole of TSMC's making. AMD are clearly getting it worse - OEM's are trying to build whole 'Windows 7' systems but they are missing one very important ingredient. That isn't just affecting gpu sales, but cpu and chipset too.

TSMC really need to get their act together soon, but how likely is that? As mousemonkey says they've been having issues with their 40nm for months now - is there any reason to believe they will get it sorted at all? If they don't, we will not see Fermi at all, at least not the high end part.

Hence why I haven't been getting excited, or frustrated, about this round of new cards.
Anyways, a refrsh could mean a 20% boost in perf by then, counting drivers and clocks and tweaks.
nVidia has to step it up, I personally want to see fermis perf, and not only for games.
Im more excited for it for its gpgpu usage