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  1. OneOddWolf

    Question Pc Shuts off when playing vr.

    So... every time when I play VR, I don't get a warning or anything like that, when it shuts off: Pc Shuts Down With No Windows Shut Down Logo, the screen just gets black FANS 100% for 0,5 sec Shut Off Pc On I might slowly feel like it's the PSU, cause the CPU is at 69c and my GPU is at 60c. But...
  2. M

    Question nvlddmkm.sys causing random crashes on new PC

    As the title states, I've been extremely frustrated with my newly built PC because it constantly crashes at random intervals, mainly when playing video games. I know I'm not the first person to have this issue, however all of the fixes I see stated online simply do not work for my case My...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Is it a bad idea to power 4 x RTX 3090s using only 8 original 8-pin VGA power cables from the PSU while adding 4 x "8-pin to 2 8-pin power splitters"?

    Hello all, I am currently mining on 3 RTX 3090s (Each card requires 3 8-pin power connectors), so that is 9 power connectors TOTAL from the PSU. My PSU is a EVGA 1600 watts Titanium SuperNova Power Supply (It has a maximum of 9 VGA cables for powering the video cards) Currently, mining only...
  4. cyberfyber

    Question Pin 20 at PSU end of 24 pin MB Cable missing wiring. Normal?

    Can anyone confirm whether Pin 20 of the PSU end of the 24 pin Motherboard cable should be missing? It's an EVGA 650w Supernova G+ Posted at the EVGA forums and was told that it's normal now due to the 5V terminal that's not used anymore being intentionally left out. Just want to be sure...
  5. C

    Question Computer goes straight into bios and doesn't show any boot devices or my drives at all

    Im preparing to get a new cpu to I got a new power supply which I needed (the old one was 4 years old) everything went super smooth when it comes to connections. I used the same sata cable the 6 pin that says GA that was on my old PSU and it didn't work so I used the new one and that doesn't...
  6. ZimTheGamer

    Discussion My RTX 2070 will not display

    I just purchased the RTX 2070 super, I put it into my motherboard and started it up and there is no display. I am using the PCIe 3.0 x16 slot. Motherboard: MSI B350 PCMATE PSU: 750W CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G
  7. A

    Question 6+2 pin to 6pin not working.

    Hi! I bought an EVGA 600W that has a 6+2 pin and my graphics card only accepts 6pin. I plugged in the 6pins without the 2 and it boots up with no display. How can I fix this? My graphics card is the Nvidia Quadro 4000 Any help is appreciated!
  8. F

    Question Rare situation with double Radiators & change case to Phanteks Enthoo pro 2

    Hello, Currently I have DG86 evga case, I don't satisfied with cooling. It can take up to only 8 fans. My components are; MSI MAG 360 Gigabyte Xtreme Aorus waterforce RTX 3080 Preinstalled rear and front fans. Problem with my old case is GPU VRAM's reach very high(104-108 Celcius, when I put it...
  9. NoLongerHuman

    Question Pc won’t turn off, won’t restart and sometimes screen loses signal

    I’m having some weird issues. Specifically after I downloaded the drivers for my new pc I built it won’t power down when I click shutdown and sometimes it will just restart instead. When I try to restart it it just gets stuck and I have to manually turn off the pc. My pc works fine but every...
  10. S

    Question Lost cables for EVGA Supernova 1300 G2 PSU

    Hi all, I have lost cables while moving to a new house for my PSU EVGA Supernova 1300 G2 PSU. I have some cables, but missing one for GPU, so can I order below one and will this fit to my PSU without any issues? I'm in Ireland (EU) so I can't order outside because of COVID it will take for weeks...
  11. D

    Question flashing artifacts when playing games, artifacts on screen at desktop, GPU issue or computer issue?

    Hello everyone, so I am pretty new to the PC gang, built my PC about 2 months ago now, and since the beginning I have been having problems with artifacts, my computer crashing fully getting a automatic repair loops and having to reinstall windows, and now flickering artifacts when playing games...
  12. S

    Question Can my surge protector handle my new 1600 Watts Titanium Power Supply at full load?

    Hello all, I recently bought a new EVGA 1600Watts T2 Titanium Power Supply: https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=220-T2-1600-X1 I am currently using this premium CyperPower surge protector to power all my PC parts: https://www.cyberpowersystems.com/product/surge/premium/ht1206uc2/...
  13. S

    Question Are there any Titanium Power Supplies in the Market today that is over 1600 watts?

    Hello all, I want to buy the highest rated power supply (Titanium) and also I want the highest watts possible in the market today(must be both Titanium + highest watts). I am looking at popular brands and I cant decide which brand is better. For example EVGA 1600 watts Titanium PSU vs...
  14. Loaf_of_Water

    [SOLVED] Does a good cpu (3700x) suffer from a bad gpu (1050 ti)?

    So I just upgraded from an intel i5 2500k to an AMD Ryzen 3700x and still have an EVGA gtx 1050 ti, will this hurt my cpu in any way? Thank you I know this is a bit of a noob question.
  15. S

    Question Need advice on thermal pads for EVGA 1080 SC blower fan model

    Hello! I have my old EVGA 1080 SC with single blower fan I would like to tear down, clean and replace the thermal paste on. I have read and seen from multiple sources you shouldn't reuse the pads, but I have been unable to find any information on my specific card. If anyone has any...
  16. M

    Question EVGA 700 GD SLI compatible?

    Hi, I have an EVGA 700 GD 80+ Gold in my old secondary rig. I was wondering if I'm able to use two GTX 960's in SLI with it? I already have one 960 and I have a friend selling one for 50€ so though it might be a way of putting some life in an old rig that doesn't get much use anymore. Any...
  17. Pipzon

    Question Corsair, Evga or Be Quiet! PSU for entry-level PC ?

    i´ve been looking to get a 80 plus bronze Psu for quiet a while now, current one is a Evga w1 600w, my understading is that that is kinda overkill on the watts side for my build also im tired of ketchup and mustard cables i´ve been checking: EVGA 500 BQ be quiet! 500W SYSTEM POWER U9 Corsair CV...
  18. N

    Question I need help with the accelero xtreme III

    I just bought a accelero xtreme III and installed it on my 1070 evga SC, the problem i'm facing is that the cooler isn't making good contact with the die at all. I think it's beacuse of the spacers i placed on the side of the die. I have one question and that's if I can remove those spacers...
  19. solar axis

    Question EVGA XC Ultra 3 RTX 3080 Serious Issues, Please Help Me

    all parts were purchased last year except for the graphics card which was purchased two weeks ago. it worked out of the box but the first day of use produced a BSOD while playing Final Fantasy 14, of all games. The last BSOD's error code read "buffer stack exceeded driver" and upon reboot I...
  20. U

    Question Gaming Pc randomly shutting down while playing games

    So im having this issue that has started recently that is causing games like Escape from Tarkov or Red Dead when under load to randomly start shutting my PC down no blue screen no error nothing. Im not sure if it is the PSU which i think could be the problem however i just built this PC in...