Question Figuring out what's wrong with the graphics card

Oct 18, 2021
Hi everyone!

I have a LENOVO OEM gtx 1050ti which, when plugged into a PC (lenovo thinkcenter E73) the CPU fan goes to 100% rpm and the GPU fan doesn't spin at all. i have tested the system with a different card and its confirmed working. If the card was shorted then the PC wouldn't turn on at all? I'm trying to figure out if the card is shorted or heatgunning the card may solve the problem I don't want to do anything atm because I may break something any advice would be welcomed thanks for reading!

Phillip Corcoran

The supplied PSU on pre-built computers is usually just enough to power the existing hardware, so when you start adding stuff like a mid-range graphics card the existing PSU is most likely not going to cut it.

As previous poster has suggested, that 180w PSU is not enough for a 1050 Ti. I would have thought a 350w PSU is nearer the mark but I can't advise you on which retail PSU to buy because a standard retail ATX PSU might not fit in your Lenovo PC. Someone with more knowledge about this will be able to advise you.