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  1. [SOLVED] Trying to insert a larger GPU inside a compact case (Noob warning)

    If you ever heard the saying 'no question is too dumb', I'm here to challenge that. So I recently inherited a entry level gaming pc. I was satisfied with the components except for the GPU (GTX 750) that I tried to change today to a Asus GTX 1060 dual fan. However, I could not do that since my...
  2. E

    Question Games only running on the lowest underclock possible (Zotac GTX 750Ti)

    So, I bought a 750 Ti to attempt to fix (was 21$ shipping included..) basically, the problem was that the screen would ABSOLUTELY COVERED in artifacts (and then crash the PC), after playing some solution elimination rounds with this GPU, I found out it was being caused by a bad BIOS. So after...
  3. ReHack

    Question How do I make Genshin Impact use my GPU more ?

    Before, Genshin Impact used 95-100% of my gpu and was very smooth to play with (consistent 57-60 fps with gives a bit to zero stutters during gameplay). Now, it only uses 83% GPU max, and at times suddenly drops to 15% or 30% which makes it super laggy and stuttery (51 fps walking, battles...
  4. Amyyull

    Question No Fan controls on EVGA GTX 1060 6gb

    I have a EVGA GTX 1060 SSC 6GB, i don't know what to do since its stuck with 25% fan speed and if i try to tweak it ramps up to 100% i tried to reseat the pin and DDU it did not help after all
  5. A

    Question Video card finished?

    Hey. My PC was working fine up until a few days ago. No changes in software other than whatever feels like auto-updating, and none in hardware. I started getting artifacts, lockups and reboots. and the "video scheduler internal error" BSOD. I don't have any crashes once...
  6. N

    Question Games crashing with low gpu oc

    Sorry, in advance if this is dumb or whatever I'm not super knowledgeable on overclocking. So I had a gtx 960 G1 4GB and whenever I tried to oc it like +25 core +50 mem is all I could get without it crashing while gaming. I thought it was just the card being old or something, but I recently got...
  7. Tru3T_W0rthy_Person

    Question Mined GTX 1060 Graphics Card Crashes only in games but not benchmark

    Hi there, I'm new to this community so I may not be able to cover all the details I've missed. A month ago I've got a used Galax GTX 1060 from a friend and started mining on Hiveos Linux system, everything seems normal until a few days ago, it crashed due to cuda error: "The launch timed out...
  8. XDroboX

    Question HELP! Alienware M17xR3 GTX980M unplayable

    As mentioned I have an alienware M17xR3 with a GTX980M and intel i7 6820HK. I have not been able to play games without underclocking via MSI Afterburner for years now. Currently the only way I can play anything is to use the maximum underclock available ( -83 to the core clock and -221 to the...
  9. Exace27

    Question Redflags on Second hand 1070

    I just got a secondhand IGAME 1070 when i received it everything looks fine until i took the gpu from the static bag a screw fell off and the whole fan part is dangling, the seller only stated that theres a screw missing i thought it was just one screw apparently the fan's plastic screw housing...
  10. N

    Question Red flickering dots on my monitor

    I bought a brand new Samsung T27B550 LED TV Monitor today. Unboxed it and set it up to display from my GTX 1050Ti FTW, but as soon as I turned on the monitor I noticed that there were some red flickering dots on a black background and blue flickering dots on white background. I was previously...
  11. Z

    [SOLVED] My monitor won't display from my GPU ?

    Recently, I've been using NVIDIA GTX 1050 in my older PC and it was always connected to my monitor. My monitor was connected with a VGA cable connected to the motherboard and the HDMI cable connected to the GPU because that's the only way that my GPU will be displayed on the monitor. Yesterday...
  12. B

    Question Device hung up error on GTX 1070

    Hello folks, i have this issue with my MSI armor GTX 1070 that whenever i play games (mostly apex legends) it says “0x887A0006 - DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG The application’s device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application. This is an design time issue that should be invested and...
  13. Q

    Question 3080TI shuts off monitors

    Hello everyone! I'm hoping for some kind of help here at Tom's hardware, since I have been on the hunt for an answer to my problem for a while now, regardless, any help is highly appreciated! My problem is my graphics card, and the graphics card i'm talking about is the following: GIGABYTE...
  14. [SOLVED] GTX 1650 has "error 43" on Asus fx505dt laptop ?

    Hello, I need Your wisdom guys, my GTX 1650 in Asus fx505dt has error 43. Computer works fine with AMD integrated graphics besides big temperatures, i guess they are coming from Nvidia chip or vrams. Can You help me out reviving it? Things ive already done with it: drivers update. Old/newest...
  15. bananaboy78

    Question Flickering lights when moving camera, grainy/shimmering textures

    Hello, First of all, sorry for the long post. I really, really want to solve this as it's bee practically driving me nuts lately. I've been experiencing a few issues ever since building my brand new pc and it's just about driving me crazy. These two videos explain the issue pretty well...
  16. Krestonosets

    Question Whenever I turn on games on my PC, there's a chance of my (both) monitors to go black and lose display.

    Whenever I turn on games on my PC, there's a chance of my (both) monitors to go black and lose display. Now, I won't say my PC crashes or the OS crashes entirely. I can still hear songs or my friends on discord (if I'm listening to songs or lets say, was in game with my buddies). I doubt if...
  17. Cassidy_Addams

    Question Fans speed up and Screen goes black, requires restart.

    So I'll start this by saying that I've had this problem for a while but thought it resolved. Up until this week I ran a GTX 1060 and I started having this issue a while after making a new build in december 2020, it basically occured quite frequently after that, probably around febuary. I tried a...
  18. Java0296

    Question My EVGA gtx 970 died could it have been PSU

    Hello all i was wondering if you could help me sort this out. As a little bit of background i used to have my gpu on an older system and often had the problem that my pc would turn on but wont start and after many resets it would work normally. I changed all my components but my gpu and HDD and...
  19. enlightener

    [SOLVED] "Driver-Power-State-Failure" BSOD occurs on my laptop due to graphics card

    As the title of the question suggests, I'm having an issue with my laptop regarding my graphics card and the BSOD. I have a big feeling the issue has to do with my Nvidia graphics card, as when I open device manager and check the display adapters, when my GPU is there, my computer shortly BSOD...
  20. OfficialBigT

    Question What should I upgrade to in this current market ?

    So I have an old prebuilt with an upgraded motherboard B350 and Ryzen 5 3600 I have 16gbs of RAM and a GTX 1060 6gb but i feel im getting bottlenecked somewhere. I cant tell whether its the GPU or the RAM or whatever it may be.
  21. Theru

    Question Need GPU bios rom for GTX1650ti Mobile

    Hello all, Can someone please help me with a copy of the standard bios for the Asus Tuf FX506LI Nvidia GTX 1650 ti GPU. The hardware id is 10de 1f95 - 1043 1e91 Kind regards, Ruan
  22. P

    [SOLVED] Asus STRIX GTX970 4GB - Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit boot time issue

    Hello, After I installed the above mentioned GPU this week I noticed that boot time to desktop has increased significantly, from ~20 seconds to over a minute. Booting goes like it did before except that now it stays on the windows "Welcome" screen for over 30 seconds, then a black screen with...
  23. A

    [SOLVED] GTX 1650 4GB or GTX 1060 3GB ?

    GTX 1650 4GB or GTX 1060 3GB For 1080p , whats the better and the fastest ? Don't suggest me gpu's outside these 2 Thank you
  24. B

    Question Help locate Windows corruption issue with GPU ?

    Hi all Ongoing issue for about 2 months, which is getting worse. I have reinstalled OS 4 times and I'll be able to play BF1 for a couple of weeks and then my Windows image keeps getting corrupted and unable to boot correctly with GPU, instead I get to login page, but after loging in, the...
  25. GhostWPT

    Question Is there a problem with my GPU?

    So basically, yesterday I had my first taste of the so-called coil whine, I did not notice or have any problems before with this GPU and I did not notice any weird noises before, the card stays pretty cool at a maximum of 65 degrees Celsius in full load and overclocked. I have to mention that I...
  26. Wayak69

    [SOLVED] Gtx 560 with one 6pin slot

    Recently I bought a gtx 560 that was said to give artifacts after 10mins of work, so I thought it was a heating problem and bought it. It has 1x 6pin connector on it, whereas in the card specefications says it should have 2x 6pin, so my question is, is this the possible reason for the artifacts...
  27. R

    [SOLVED] I want to upgrade my PC case due to poor air circulation but I dont know what I should do

    I have a mATX case and inside I have a GTX 1060 6gb, Ryzen 5 3600, B550 Prime MB, 16 gb DDR4, 750 Corsair PSU.... About a year ago I began monitoring my PC during gameplay which is when I began seeing temps that were uncomfortable for me despite reasurrence from the community that it was ok (80c...
  28. heisenbergx

    Question Is my PALIT GTX 1650 Super repairable ?

    Hi! I have a Palit gtx 1650 super that I bought from a local retailer here in the Philippines. It is working fine until 1 day it released an unpleasant smoke and overheated. Would like to know if it is still repairable? I already contacted the retailer but I tear the warranty sticker so sadly I...
  29. changegosplat

    Question Is it a faulty GPU that need to be replaced?

    So my PC started randomly crashing a few months back and ive been trying to fix it ever since. The screen will turn black and sound will start looping. The fans start spinning at 100% but it doesnt seem to be a fault with my temps. The crash would happen randomly in sort of demanding games like...
  30. M

    Question Predator Helios 300 G3-571 - Unusable GPU

    Greetings, I received a Helios 300 laptop a few months ago to fix; I presumed its only problem was a broken screen. However, as soon as I factory reset the device and attempted to install the GTX 1060 drivers, I received a blue screen of death: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA from nvlddmkm.sys I...
  31. M

    Question gtx 1070 mining problem

    My 1070 mines ETH just fine. Even OC-ed. I do regular cleaning (dusty) and change thermal paste every 6 month. But i have strange problem. If i try to mine anything other than eth my pc crashes. (reboot's) ETH is 00-24 stable. I tried under clocking it,power limit on 50% etc but pc crashes. Its...
  32. P

    [SOLVED] GPU fans randomly spins loudly and screen turns black

    I recently built my pc (end of November/beginning of December 2021) and I got a 2080 Zotac Blower from a friend who never used it before. The PC was perfectly fine until New Year, when I started playing Genshin Impact. The screen randomly cuts to black, the fan starts exhausting really...
  33. K

    Question Can i buy i5 11400 for my ghx 1070?

    And i dont inted to buy a new gpu soon.
  34. H

    Question multiple different bsod after changing gpu thermal paste (gpu removed)

    Hello all, I am hoping to find some help here. Yesterday I decided to change the thermal paste in my strix 1080 ti, since it's over 3 years old by now. After I was finished I put it back in, and stresstested to check. The first 15 minutes worked fine and the temps got lower on one sensor, the...
  35. gilang0821

    [SOLVED] RDR2 Graphich issues

    Anyone who played RDR2 have this issues? 1. Shadow?texture Flickering. sometimes it disappear by just moving or go to pause menu 2.Artifact but only appear in Cutscene! I have GTX 1060 6GB the problem only appears in this game.
  36. K

    [SOLVED] GTX970 temps SOARING

    I have a Zotac GTX970 that I have had either since '13 or '14. I can't remember which year it was released, I purchased it brand new around the time of the cards debut. Anyway, I have started to notice the card is getting STUPIDLY hot playing some of the most minimally demanding games, such as...
  37. 99Happyfeet

    Question Can I run my laptop with one fan?

    gtx1050, tuff fx505GD - intel i7 8th gen my fan on the GPU side is making this buzzing sound, I want to disconnect it all together. Can I run with just one fan?
  38. skidrush

    [SOLVED] Random black screens and strange graphics card behavior ?

    For the past two months 2-3 times a month my monitor has been randomly turning black and my graphics card behaving weirdly. These black screens are caused by "hiccups" from my graphics card where the fan speed will suddenly increase for about half a second and the screen will turn black no...
  39. N

    Question 1.5mm or 2.0mm thermal pad?

    Gonna do change for GPU thermal pads. The factory used 1.75mm thickness but there's none on the local market. Should I use the 1.5mm or go with the 2.0mm?
  40. Like A Tomato

    Question Graphics card won't give video output

    How it started: Whilst playing a game i suddenly got a black screen Fixes i already tried: drivers update, DDU, windows reinstall (win 10) "Symptoms": If monitor connected to GPU: video card will give video output until you get to the windows password screen, then it will black screen. after a...