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  1. E

    [SOLVED] Need upgrade advice

    The main goal, play games (mainly rocket league) at higher than 60 fps (preferably 120+) If I'm going about any of this the wrong way, please let me know. Here is my current build: I recently got a Samsung UN50RU7100F 7 Series from...
  2. C

    Question Input Signal Out of Range

    I have bought a few new parts to upgrade my computer set and as soon as I turn on my new computer, the error "Input Signal Out of Range" appears. Please take note that I haven't even installed an OS in it. It takes me right into the error even without showing me my MoBo's brand or let me enter...
  3. Hani123

    [SOLVED] Gpu wont work in primary slot !!!

    Hi, I have a GTX 1080 8GB AORUS gpu and I have tried everything to get it to work in the top PCIE slot on my motherboard, but it just won't work. It works perfectly fine in the bottom slot (not ideal as I'm losing frames) all the bios and drivers are up to date. Please help. My specs are...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Can anybody please help me with my 980TI bios modding?

    Hi all, I have a 980TI Hybrid and my current VBIOS will allow me to go to 1465MHz on the core, and 4017MHz on the memory stable, and I want to try get a little more on the core. I have a 450 watt power limit set on the card, so I have lots of room there. The card never goes above 64c either. My...
  5. karchie

    Question Nvidia GPU sometimes doesn't start on boot, causing multiple issues ?

    I'm having an issue with Nvidia's drivers/software that has followed me through clean pc wipes and entirely new hardware. Issue randomly happens, unable to repeat. It's fixed by a restart but I would like to know why. Issues caused: Second monitor (HDMI cable) doesn't turn on and doesn't...
  6. FattySnaps

    [SOLVED] GPU usage and CPU temp fluctuating with 1 Chrome tab with a YouTube video open??

    Video with fluctuation here My specs are: B550 Phantom Gaming 4 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 core processor w/ Wraith cooler 16gb DDR4 at 24000 This only started happening this morning, I noticed my disk and memory usage was at 100% on the desktop and restarted my PC, only...
  7. nednerbish

    [SOLVED] Advice on buying a GPU so I can finish this build ?

    I am NOT(now that I read the rules so I will list everything at the end) attaching a Amazon list of all of the parts that I have purchased so far. I have assembled everything, I powered everything on although I have no graphics card to make sure everything is okay all of the fans turn on it goes...
  8. U

    [SOLVED] CPU good enough?

    Hey I'm planning to buy a gtx 980 and I was wondering if the i3 10100 would be enough for the gtx 980 or do I need to get the 10400 I have a super low budget so I would like to keep the 10100 but if it's going to cause major fps loss I can probably get the 10400.
  9. Hardquery

    [SOLVED] Which is important Brand base boost memory clock speed ofGTX 1660 SUPER OR GTX1080TI

    question :-which is important feature in GPU Brand base boost memory clock speed of GTX 1660 SUPER OR GTX1080TI? I am planning new desktop PC ryzen 7 3700x or 2700x build for video editing rendering graphics 3D designing architecture web designing and video streaming. for that some one advised...
  10. skidaelaina

    [SOLVED] What`s the best budget GPU for Ryzen 3 3400G and 400w non-generic PSU?

    i just bought a prebuilt pc with 16gb ram for cheap and now im thinking what the best budget gpu should i put in the pc and i have 400w non-generic PSU?
  11. Blizz44

    [SOLVED] 0 usage on gtx 1050, possible visual glitch?

    Recently, i changed it so all of my games run on my GTX 1050 instead of my Vega 8. There is no problem but when i look at the usage for my GTX 1050, it is on 0. Instead the Vega 8 is having usage instead of my GTX 1050. I have put max preformance in my battery settings too and have the latest...
  12. silversongshelties

    Question Troubleshooting EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti (Black Edition)

    I've been having long standing freezes, crashes and unusual sounds during those (sounds like a loud PC startup all the way to a nasty electronic buzzing sound) and it's recently getting worse to the point my PC shuts down. So far I've tried updating the Nvidia video drivers, and checked all...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] help! something is wrong with my gpu

    I just bought a Msi Gtx 1650 gddr6 ventus xs oc ( requires 6pin connector) like 3 days ago and pared it with my i3 7100. My pc is a pri-build pc,its a Hp pavilion 570 model. Specs: cpu : i3 7100 Gpu: Gtx 1650 Gddr6 RAM: 1x8gb MOBO:Intel H110 PSU: Coolermaster MWE 450 watt 80+ Since then...
  14. kurulay5

    [SOLVED] Moving from IGPU to GPU

    Hello! So tomorrow I am moving from my Igpu (the vega 11 stuffed inside the ryzen 5 2400g) to a physical gpu. the asus 1050 ti cerberus. so this is obviously a huge change for me and i want to get everything right. how can i disable my igpu and uninstall all the drivers and get my ram back? my...
  15. KashUWU

    [SOLVED] No display on TV ?

    So i have a Foxconn 2ABF Motherboard with 8gb ram, gtx 1060 6gb, and a 400w psu from EVGA, I was on earlier and then it just blue screened and when i turned it on it said no signal showing, i changed cables and even TV to see if that was the problem but it wasnt. Everything turns on and works...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] gtx 760 on a 300w psu

    Hey guys i have a 300w psu from seasonic with 25a on 12v and I wanna get the gtx 760 And the minimum power supply for that is 500w and I was wondering if I could still get it because my system has only 1 hard drive(7200 rpm 500gb) Intel i5 3570s(65w), one small fan(cpu) and 2x4gb ram if it is...
  17. Myhail

    [SOLVED] will this work?

    Hi. Curentlly I have a Segotep ATX-500W12 and I would like to buy a MSI GTX 970. I read on the interent that this gpu needs 1x8/1x6 pins . Can somedoy help me if it will work? Also, I have a Intel Pentium E5200 2.5 GHz, 4 gb ram 1660 MHz, and Acer Veriton S480G motherboard. My current gpu is...
  18. I

    [SOLVED] GPU makes buzzing noise and causes short freezes sometimes under low, normal and heavy load

    Hello all, I have some problems with my current system after I upgraded the videocard 2 years back from a nvidia gtx980 to nvidia gtx1080TI. The videocard started to make some buzzing noise over time, which at first I thought this is normal for videocards. After some time it started to develop...
  19. P

    Question No display only with gpu

    So i have a pny gtx 1050ti and when i plug the gpu in the motherboard and turn it on my pc booted fine but there is no display so i try to boot my pc without the gpu the pc booted fine and display too was on , i had this issue earlier with same gpu but it would turn on sometimes and sometimes it...