Dec 4, 2012
Hi Guys

So I've spent a while looking for parts to build the best PC and heres what I've come up with.

CPU- AMD A10- 5800K

CPU Cooler- Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo

Motherboard- AsRock FM2A75 Pro-4

RAM- Patriot Viper 3 Black Mamba 8GB 2133Mhz

Case- Corsair 300R


Wireless Card- TP-Link

So obviously theres no graphics card and thats because I want to run the processors intergrated graphics for a while until I can afford something like a 7850.

Thats also why the PSU is complete overkill but would something like 430watts be enough to power the system with a 7850?

The Motherboard has already been bought so that and the CPU will have to stay.

I was wondering if I needed such high speed RAMbecause I know that the APU benefits from it but could I not just overclock slower RAM to that speed because my motherboard says its supports RAM overclocking up to 2600Mhz.

I wouldnt spend anymore money than whatevers in that build so is it the best bang for my buck? I'd want to play games like DOTA 2, Tribes:Ascend and Planetside 2 and highish settings.

Thanks :)
For RAM I would buy some 1600 MHz LoVo Kingston @ 1.35 volts
[ green heat spreader ]
Once you manually raise the voltage to 1.5 it should run well at 1866 Mhz , and only costs a little more than regular 1600 Mhz RAM

Yes its possible you can get better graphics performance now with higher speeds but that would get you good enough performance and save you money to put towards the 7850

Make sure the psu is 80+ bronze rated . A 500 watt unit would be fine for the 7850

Have you considered the Corsair 200 , or Antec ONE gamer case ?