Finding the right memory for a Mobo


Jan 5, 2008
After much consternation... I think I've settled on this Motherboard for my Q6600:

Now I'm trying to figure out what memory to get. 1066 vs. 800... is it worth the extra cost, really?

I had wanted to get Patriot RAM, but they are not on the "Qualified Vendor's List" that lists the RAM to use with this specific Motherboard on the GIGABYTE page.

So is it essential to get RAM that is listed there? There seem to very few 1066s listed, and they are all crazy expensive, and Patriot isn't listed anywhere, at all.

Also, what is the difference between DS and SS?

Thanks in advance.


Contributing Writer
Good board choice, should serve you well.

As for 800 or kind of comes down to what you want to spend. 800 does tend to do quite well, even when OC'ing, some people say even as well as comparable 1066 DIMMs. If you plan on overclocking, I guess you can take this into consideration, but if plan at leaving the processor at stock speeds, 800 will serve you just fine. Personally, I, myself, would go with 800 considering the price...but if you want to squeeze every ounce of performance out, 1066 will help, but by how much, is questionable vs. the price increase...