First overclock/build project


Dec 19, 2008
Hey, so i'm going to apologize up front for the fact there are probably a million threads like this and for being a noob i guess, but anyway. I have an 4 year old pentium 4 hp hanging around that i was running linux on not really doing a lot and i've been reading on building systems and overclocking lately and i've been really wanting to try it out. And i know you can't overclock stock computers, like hps or whatever. But i'm not going to dump a thousand dollars on some experiment and i don't really "need" the performance for anything anyway. So i was thinking about getting a new cpu, motherboard, heat sink, power supply and some ram to match. And just throw it in my old box and re use the cd drives and the case. I just bought a new hard drive for it and i bought a graphics card a little while ago. So is that do-able? That stuff won't care what it was made to run with will it? And if i can do that will it care if i use an AMD processor even though it was made for intel? i was thinking about

it's pretty cheap and with the unlocked multiplyer it should be easy to oc for my first time right? And becuase it's oem i'm not wasting money on a stock cooler that i'll replace anyway. I'll have to buy a micro-atx motherboard becuase that's what's in there now, but even with budget parts the old 300W power supply isn't going to cut it right? Thanks for your input, Sorry.
The amd chips are not great overclockers compared to the intel cpu's

How about something like
g45 motherboard like the ASUS P5Q-EM [ or even a g33/ g35 board ]
and 2 gig of Ram .

Since cases like the antec 300 are cheap and so are dvd writers it might be better to make an entire computer and reuse your monitor, keyboard etc