First PC build, need feedback

I agree with Zebbakei007, you really should go with a 1060 6gb model. The 6gb model also has more cuda cores and not just more VRAM.

Also, you really should get some higher speed ram than 2400mhz. Ryzen CPUs scale very well with high speed RAM so I would look for 3000 - 3200mhz speed RAM.

Lastly, you to run that CPU on that board you will need to update the bios. In order to update the bios you will need a 1st generation Ryzen CPU. So if you don't have one or know someone that does, it may be a headache. If you went with a x470 board, you would not need to update the bios to run the 2600. Also, the 300 series Ryzen chipset has some real RAM compatibility issues that have been improved with the 400 series boards. So you may have problems getting RAM to run at the higher speeds on a b350 board. In my opinion, it is worth the extra money for an x470 board and not deal with the bios update or RAM compatibility.