First time building my own computer


Jun 12, 2009
This will be my first time building my own computer. I know some things about computers. Basically how they work. I am learning about the campatability of parts by researching what I want. Here is a build I am wanting to buy from
APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Probably not until around sept or nov after I move BUDGET RANGE: up to $1000

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: OS will be using xp pro until windows 7 comes out which i will upgrade to

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: everything on my list is from but if there is a site that has something cheaper i dont know very many sites for buying parts

PARTS PREFERENCES:i would like to keep it AMD

OVERCLOCKING: never done it so probably not unless i figure out how and the benefits
SLI OR CROSSFIRE: In the future i would like to SLI like within 6 months after buying this

MONITOR RESOLUTION: I have the monitor on there i would like to buy but i am also thinking about buying a 56-65 inch DLP 1080HDTV which would be nice to hook up my computer too
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:below is the link for my wishlist on newegg
I am wanting to keep it around that price. The most I am willing to spend really is $1000. If there is anything that I could do better on this build for around the same price please let me know. Thank you if you can help.
Hmm here is a $6xx config with some decent teeth for gaming
So you are getting this combo?
That's OK

Don't use NVidia chipsets or open box deals.

get a 790X board:

This nice Mushkin DDR3

And this faster XFX 4850 that will save you money

This PSU is better and will power two of those video cards:

If I've saved you enough you might even add that second video card right now.