Question First time PC builder, wifi/bluetooth questions


Sep 4, 2015
So I just finished building my very first PC by following youtube videos, instruction guides and all that, I'm glad it turned on and everything is working as a charm, until just now when I realized that my new pc does not have Bluetooth and wifi connections. I don't need wifi that much but I desperately need bluetooth for my wireless headset.

MSI X570-A Pro is my motherboard

Is it normal for recent motherboards to not support wifi/bluetooth by default?

I see that there is another model of X570 with wifi edge in its name and it appears to support wireless options but some people seems to say that even X570 A Pro supports bluetooth. I'm now regretting hard that I should've looked better before buying parts and go for wifi edge model.

Can someone please confirm if my motherboard actually doesn't have any wireless functions or it is some driver issues?

Last thing I would like is having some antennas dangling around the PC as I have put tremendous effort to make it look clean with my insufficient knowledge and noob skill

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind inputs.


Confirmed: Your motherboard does not natively support Bluetooth/WiFi. This is actually common among mainstream boards. Often, only Mini-ITX form-factor boards support these natively.

Probably the easiest way to resolve this (and what I did, btw) is to get a simple USB dongle for Bluetooth (Amazon Canada - Bluetooth USB Dongle). Personally, I'd opt for the TP-Link unit but any of these should work.

-Wolf sends