First timer noob questions


Sep 5, 2009
I am building a new box, I'll be buying cpu, mobo, ram, case and then reusing everything else from my old computer. I am a first timer and have some basic questions:

-psu top or bottom mount?

-If bottom mount do I need to be concerned with the length of my power cords, or are they pretty much standard length to be able to reach?

-Number of cases fans, and mobo fan headers. Do these have to match? The case I'm looking at has 2 fans, but the mobo has one fan header, are the fans wired together so you only have to plug in one to power all? Or do I need a 1 to 1 number of fans and fan headers?

-When shopping mother boards I see this term alot "100% solid caps" what does that mean?

Sorry for noob questions, and thanks for the help.


Most cases are bottom mount, and frankly it's easiest. Providing you are using a conventional mid-tower ATX case, and reputable power supply, cable lengths SHOULDN'T be an issue. Just that some PSUs aren't overly generous, to be able to run cables the way you'd like to ie neat! Never a bad idea to check a review of chosen power supply. Usually they'll mention if manufacturer is "tight-fisted" with cable.
What mobo are you getting? Most have 3+ fan headers. You're not looking at CPU fan header, are you. There will only be one of those, on cheaper boards.