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  1. P.m

    Question problems with sharing a pc by multiple users

    Hello guys, I would like to have your opinion and solution for the following problem. We work in a small design office and 3 of us are sharing the same PC running windows 10 , simultaneously using 3ds max and archicad for design tasks. We experience lagging and computer running slow every day...
  2. 2plash6

    [SOLVED] Windows XP internet explorer "This Page Can Not Be Displayed" No Solution!!

    Hello, So I was having a HUGE problem, where Internet Explorer was not displaying any pages, besides, and this: This is on a Virtualbox virtual machine. (It won't let me share files with host to guest, so I can not share chrome .) I tried searching Google...
  3. S

    Question Dual Gpu with 620W psu

    My pc specs: amd fx-6300(not overclocked) 2x8gb 1600mhz ddr3 ram Gigabyte ge-e620a-c3 (620w) nvidia gtx 1050 ti and i would like to add an old amd radeon hd 5770 so i can pass the 1050 to the vm (im trying to make a gaming vm) But would it be possible with a 620w psu?
  4. S

    Question Unsupported graphics card error when using virtualbox

    I'm trying to boot up Subnautica through virtualbox that's running win10. I've seen it advised in several places to just turn on 3D acceleration, but it does nothing for me. Running the game normally off of my computer works seamlessly. What do i need to do to make it work?
  5. S

    Question Opengl on windows 98 in vmware

    I was trying to do an experiment video on getting Minecraft to work on windows 98 but Its doesn't work and keeps giving me an OpenGL error I have VMware tools installed. I am using VMware workstation Pro 15.5.2 and Windows 98 se. The error is OpenGL: ERROR RuntimeException: No OpenGL context...
  6. S

    Question How many VMs can i run?

    I have a dell R710 with: 18x8 of EEC DDR3 RAM 2x Xeon X5670 2x 2TB sata HDD 1x 3TB sas HDD 4x 1 gbe ports with 24 port gbe switch 1 gbe home network
  7. nomad_00

    Question how would i be able to download an iso file off a cd/dvd for windows?

    how would i be able to download an ISO file off a cd/dvd for xp/vista? i have the codes and the disks so i can do it non illegally. i would like to have them cause i have a vm that i would like to run old games/software but what program would be able to get bootable ISO file and if so would it...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Multi-OS question

    Hi guys! I'm considering doing a new build next year (either AMD Threadripper 3 or Intel Cascade Lake X), primarily for Blender. I want to use Linux as my main OS, since Blender performs better on it, but I also plan on running Windows via virtual machine, for any software that doesn't run on...
  9. shmu26

    Question Minimize latency in virtual machine

    I am running Linux Mint host, and Windows 10 guest, in VirtualBox. From my total of 8 gb ram, I allocated 4 gb to the VM. Neither the host nor the guest is maxing out in ram usage, not even close. And I allocated the VM 2 of the 4 cores. In the VM, I run light programs such as MS Office and...
  10. Franseven

    [SOLVED] Gigabit lan not going past 140mbs outside sandbox vm

    sorry for the bad English. I have a gigabit connection (940mb day1 700mb tested with my laptop port today) my motherboard is an MSI z170 gaming m5, the LAN port is e2400 Atheros killer, the cable is cat6, the switch is gigabit and it always worked. For a bit, I found the connection not fast as...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] VM kali linux freezes at installing system

    Hey everyone, I want to install kali on my VM, everything is fine except the fact that towards the end the installation freezes (cant move cursor inside vm). I dont know what to do, all it says is installed "eatmydata (amd64)" and the intsallation bar won't move. If this matters: -I used...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] Need help getting a windows education iso file for virtual machine...

    I'm taking an online class where I need to use Windows 10 Education but I am allowed to use it on a virtual machine. It requires an iso file of windows 10 education. I have a product key for Windows education but not the iso file... how do I get the iso file for the virtual machine? I'm running...
  13. D

    Question KVM(QEMU) on a Shell only Linux install

    Hello, I am planning to install Linux without a graphical desktop on my main Computer (Maybe Ubuntu Server). So that the host uses as few resources as possible (maybe should I use Lubuntu?). From there I want to have multiple KVM (QEMU) virtual machines. I have 2 GPU's in my system a GTX 1080...
  14. A

    Question Virtual box using GPU

    Is there a way to make VirtualBox to use my laptop's GPU instead of the integrated graphics? I searched for hours and couldn't find a solution. Using it on windows 10 on a laptop - and the VM is a macOS Mojave
  15. D

    Question Windows XP VM can only connect to Bing

    I have a Windows XP Virtual Machine, and the only website it can connect to is Bing. I can search things fine, but if I try to connect to anything other than Bing, it doesn't connect. How can I solve this?
  16. [SOLVED] Intel Optane 16GB Unsupported Chipset Error

    I have properly installed the Optane Hardware on to my Motherboard. In the Device Manager it can be seen. But whenever I am trying to install "SetupOptane.exe" it comes with an Unsupported Chipset error. Please find screen-shots for further references Kindly suggest or help in this regards...
  17. yoyoyoy

    [SOLVED] Help Upgrading PC

    Hello. I just buy 2600x ryzen and I need a bit help chosing the ram and motherboard. Will 2400MHz ram be sufficient for ryzen? (no overclock). - Mother Gigabyte B450M DS3H - Corsair Vengeance 2x8 16GB 3000mhz...
  18. C

    Question Video Games Stuttering

    Hello! I have posted this question some days ago, but now the site changed (I think?) and I lost track of my post. Dunno if it really exists or not, sorry if I double post. Been posting and asking this on a huge lot of forums and support places, for like MONTHS, and I just can't find a...
  19. D

    Motherboard replacement hp pavilion 15-e015tx

    Hi all I have a 2014 hp pavilion 15-e015tx for which hp store has diagnosed as failed motherboard. They are charging 15k INR for replacement. I need to know if it cna be done by third party, or may be i can order it and replace myself. What would be compatible motherboard for the same?
  20. I

    [SOLVED] Reader's choice awards 2019

    Hi sir all help me.. Part 1:Best CPU Brand? AMD or Intel Part 2: best Graphics Processor Brand? Nvidia or AMD Part 3 Best Graphics Cards Brand? Asus or gigabyte or evga or msi any other Part 4 Best Motherboard Brand? Asus or gigabyte or msi or evga Part 5 Best PC Memory Brand...