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    Question KVM(QEMU) on a Shell only Linux install

    Hello, I am planning to install Linux without a graphical desktop on my main Computer (Maybe Ubuntu Server). So that the host uses as few resources as possible (maybe should I use Lubuntu?). From there I want to have multiple KVM (QEMU) virtual machines. I have 2 GPU's in my system a GTX 1080...
  2. A

    Question Virtual box using GPU

    Is there a way to make VirtualBox to use my laptop's GPU instead of the integrated graphics? I searched for hours and couldn't find a solution. Using it on windows 10 on a laptop - and the VM is a macOS Mojave
  3. D

    Question Windows XP VM can only connect to Bing

    I have a Windows XP Virtual Machine, and the only website it can connect to is Bing. I can search things fine, but if I try to connect to anything other than Bing, it doesn't connect. How can I solve this?
  4. L

    Question split a screen into 6 or how ever much 15.6” can fit in 49.5”

    split a screen into 6 or how ever much 15.6” can fit in 49.5”. I have a large screen tv that i like to split up into multiple screens to show virtual machine window os in each one. How would I go about doing this?
  5. [SOLVED] Intel Optane 16GB Unsupported Chipset Error

    I have properly installed the Optane Hardware on to my Motherboard. In the Device Manager it can be seen. But whenever I am trying to install "SetupOptane.exe" it comes with an Unsupported Chipset error. Please find screen-shots for further references Kindly suggest or help in this regards...
  6. yoyoyoy

    Question Help Upgrading PC

    Hello. I just buy 2600x ryzen and I need a bit help chosing the ram and motherboard. Will 2400MHz ram be sufficient for ryzen? (no overclock). - Mother Gigabyte B450M DS3H - Corsair Vengeance 2x8 16GB 3000mhz...
  7. C

    Question Video Games Stuttering

    Hello! I have posted this question some days ago, but now the site changed (I think?) and I lost track of my post. Dunno if it really exists or not, sorry if I double post. Been posting and asking this on a huge lot of forums and support places, for like MONTHS, and I just can't find a...
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    Motherboard replacement hp pavilion 15-e015tx

    Hi all I have a 2014 hp pavilion 15-e015tx for which hp store has diagnosed as failed motherboard. They are charging 15k INR for replacement. I need to know if it cna be done by third party, or may be i can order it and replace myself. What would be compatible motherboard for the same?
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    Reader's choice awards 2019

    Hi sir all help me.. Part 1:Best CPU Brand? AMD or Intel Part 2: best Graphics Processor Brand? Nvidia or AMD Part 3 Best Graphics Cards Brand? Asus or gigabyte or evga or msi any other Part 4 Best Motherboard Brand? Asus or gigabyte or msi or evga Part 5 Best PC Memory Brand...
  10. C

    gta 5 strucks at various places and missions.

    hello i got recently gta 5 on my pc and iam done missions up to the jewel store job. after finishing i started the "the jewel job store mission".when iam in the tunnel it strucks somewehre when iam in tunnel and got this error "gta 5 has stopped working". not only on mission,when i go to that...
  11. K

    [SOLVED] rtx 2060 or used gtx 1080??

    HI, what buy rtx 2060 or used gtx 1080?
  12. E

    Monitor AOC G2460PF locked at 60hz

    I recently bought the AOC G2460PF 144hz Monitor because I saw all the good reviews. I've been troubleshooting for 2 days and am struggling to find a solution. The issue is I can't set the refresh rate to anything above 60hz. The options are there to set my refresh rate to 144hz on both the...
  13. W

    Black monitor screen

    2 days ago everything worked just fine but when i woke up this morning and started up my pc the screen on my monitors stayed black. I tried restarting the pc and removing all the cables but nothing worked. At 1 point when i removed the hdmi cable from 1 screen the other did work but now that...
  14. E

    [SOLVED] Which version of RX 560 is this?

    Hi folks! Buying a used Sapphire Pulse RX 560 4GB and the seller sent me a screenshot of GPU-Z: I am quite confused with the Clock and Memory speeds it's showing. According to the Sapphire's website or techpowerup for that matter, there ain't any variant/version available with these clocks...
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    CPU overclocking help

    So i am kinda new to overclocking but ive never had this problem with other amd chips i cant get to 4ghz on my ryzen 5 1600 i uped the voltage to 1.38 but it wont go that up with the overclock the clock speed goes down to 1666 mhz without load and with load and the voltage goes to 1.16 i am...
  16. B

    Z170 Skylake non k overclock burned out eam stick??

    So I overclocked my i5- 6500 to 3.8 GHz everything was going good nice and stable. Yesterday I went to turn on my PC and it would power on for a second and then shut down. And repeat this process for a minute or so. Fans would spin and hard disk would spin the shut down. Tried a bunch of stuff I...
  17. G

    Lag Stutters in CSGO

    I have random lag stutters while I’m playing sometimes the screen will just freeze or it will drop FPS a lot and then it goes back up like 3 seconds later. My specs are 8700k for cpu, 1080ti OC 11gb, 1,000 watt power supply, 32 gigs of ram, 1080 144hz monitor Also my temperatures randomly...
  18. H

    Trouble getting a display going on a new build

    Hello all, Today I got all the parts in to complete my build and finally put it all together. It’s my first build and I’m proud of it, but of course I’ve already made some mistakes. Here’s the brief on my hardware situation: 1) The motherboard (MSI Z370-A Pro) comes with 3 main display types...
  19. C

    My First Pc Build

    Hi, guys sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I'm about to build my first PC and was wondering if you guys have any different suggestions on parts, here's my PC part picker list, .
  20. S

    PC crashes when I play any game.

    Hey ya, have had my since 2013. Now just a couple days ago my PC crashes within 2-6 mins of being in Arma 3, Day Z, MW2, and Pub G. Never had a problem over the years and has me stumped. Deleted all the game and steam completely, reinstalled everything and still have the problem. I can surf the...