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  1. GureAru

    Can I My PSU Run this?

    Sooo Im Planning To Buy An Asus STRIX GTX950-DC2OC Videocard 2gb 128bit OC DDR5 But A Deepcool DE-500w is enought to Cover it With APU A10-7850K And 2 Sticks Of Kingston HyperX Fury 4gb
  2. R

    Don't know which PSU (used) to get when I upgrade my GPU

    Hey guys, I'm currently sitting on a HD 4670 GPU, really old GPU. And recently I got a little bit of money and decided to buy a R7 250X or if it's not available then a 550TI, both used. I have a crap PSU "MS Industrial Pro 550W" and was told I would need a better PSU since this one only outputs...
  3. D

    Custom Cable Kit Help

    Just wondering if this cable kit: would work with this graphics card:
  4. G

    AMD FX9590 running waaay too hot. Running 20 degrees hotter than usual at idle for no apparent reason.

    I have an amd fx9590, with a full open loop cooling system. I have a 280x140 45mm thick full copper radiator, 2 decnt push fans and on 140x37.5 thick high power pull fan (only had room for one on the back for the rad). It's got pure distilled water in and a bit of biocide in to stop it getting...
  5. A

    an empty cmd box of "taskeng.exe" keeps popping up randomly for a milisecond

    i tried recording it to see what is written on the box and it was empty, the title was "taskeng.exe", i tried fixing it but nothing seems to work. this has been going for couple of days now.
  6. S

    I want to buy a CPU under Rs 13000

    I want to buy a CPU and my budget is around Rs13000, I prefer Intel 7500 But do not know much about ryzen CPU's So I wanna ask that is ryzen 1500x is a better option and if not then which CPU did I choose.
  7. J

    Advise on a budgeted gaming PC

    Hello, I was wondering, since I'm new to the whole building a computer thing, if I could have some advise on an $800-1000 gaming build, or if that's too low, a $1000-1200 build. The games I would like to be able to play are dishonored 2, dark souls 3, and other similarly graphics intensive...
  8. E

    Is Upgrading Display Possible?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5558, my display has a resolution of 1366x768 non touch and I found some panels that were 1080p with touch screen, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to upgrade my laptop's monitor with a better one.
  9. T

    Connect server to home network and give it a unique "ID".

    I have a server that I connect to my home network using PPTP VPN the problem I have is that I can't open port to the server on my router. I'll explain: The server gets the IP: and my Raspberry Pi that has the PPTP server has the IP When I go onto my router it looks...
  10. G

    Connecting to wifi manually?

    Can someone walk me through how to connect my laptop to my wifi connection manually? I've tried many that I've found online but when I connect it says I don't have connection so I'm obviously doing something wrong. I need to manually connect to the wifi IP address because it may fix a problem...
  11. S

    Sata3 To Usb3 Lead

    Are there SATA 3 HD Male to USB3 Male Cables on the market? i ask this question, as I am into PC Audio, and haven't managed a answer from any where else. Is it possible to make or purchase a lead, that would provide data transfer only (not power) from a WD RED SATA3 HDD to a USB3 input ? Now i...
  12. B

    New GPU Time and I Need Your Assistance

    I'll try to give you what I can. I have a GTX 660 right now with an Intel i7-4770. I believe I have a 600w power supply and an ASUSTek H81M-PLUS. Honestly, I have no idea about the motherboard. But I want to do an upgrade sometime soon. My question is, do I go for a GTX 980 or a 1070? I can't...
  13. C

    85w speakers 100w amp?

    I'm a bit worried now about the speaker and amp config I was planning to buy. I was planning on buying a pair of Klipsch R-15M speakers which are rated 85w continuous and an amp in a few weeks, but recently saw an Onkyo tx 8020 100w (50 wpc) stereo amp on sale for about $100 and dumbly bought...
  14. R

    PC won't POST help me figure out if its bad motherboard, CPU, or PSU.

    My pc randomly froze I noticed because my mouse disconnected. I unplugged mouse replugged in and it lit up but pc screen was still froze. I turned off PC and turned back on and all it will do is turn on for 2-3 seconds then power off and then turn back on 2-3 seconds then off in a loop...
  15. M

    Will it Bottleneck?

    I'm pretty much ignorant about *Bottleneck*, although I'm planning to build a PC and I'm curious if it will Bottleneck or if it'll run with no worries, if there's something you want to suggest then feel free. Here are the specs: Monitor: Samsung 1600x900(Decent but I'm planning to buy a 1920...
  16. H

    Windows 10 file explorer color change?

    Ok, I'm on the latest Win10 build, and I dont know if this is the right category, but here goes. In windows 10, is it possible to change the background color of just the file explorer? I'm not talking about themes. The high contrast black looked good enough, but every icon had unseemly borders...
  17. V

    i7 deals question.

    Hi people, i got offered this deals of some cpus; i7 6700 for $220 us dlls (new with stock cooler) i7 4790 for 135 us dlls (it doesnt have a cooler) i5 6400 for 130 us dlls (it is used but it haves a cooler) i5 3750 for 50 dlls (used, no cooler) which one should i get and why? i want to get the...
  18. I

    First pc build HELP

    Im building my first pc and the components are: asus maximus IX hero motherboard , intel i7 7700k, intel 600p 256GB ssd, G.skill (8GBx2) Ripjaws v. DDR4 3200 mhz CL16 memory, MSI Geforce GTX 1060 6GT OCV1, Corsair 650w,vs650 power supply, ID-Cooling se-214x 120mm pwm. with LG 25UM58-P 25inch...
  19. T

    Gtx1080 with asus p55

    Can asus p55 support gtx1080 I need answer quickly plzzzz
  20. L

    Overclocking a i5-6400

    Hi guys :). Thanks for your help on building my new pc, its almost done. Just have one more question. Whats the best mobo for oc an i5-6400? My budget for it is 150 dlls. Thanks
  21. M

    Ccleaner- documents missing or deleted. Please help!!

    I have been using ccleaner for years & never had any issues. But this time I cant find some of my excel worksheets or microsoft word documents. I have looked everywhere I can think of. Is there some way to reverse what I did? Thank you guys so much!
  22. J

    Thermaltake Core V1 - PSU up or down, does it matter??

    Hi Guys, Long time lurker on here for many a year. So I just got finished with my latest build: ■ Thermaltake Core V1 ■ AMD 7860K ■ Samsung EVO 850 256GB SSD ■ BeQuiet SystemPower 500W (Amazing by the way) ■ 8GB HyperX Fury Ram ■ ASROCK A88M-ITX/AC ■ Noctua NH L9i It is far and away my...
  23. P

    ASUS X541U - task manager is greyed out

    when clicked on the power button the options to restart, sleep, shutdown is not available and task manager option is greyed out. When tried to shut down using alt + f4 it gives out an error message to contact system administrator.
  24. W

    Can my PC build handle the new AAA games?

    my specs core: i3-3210 3.2 ghz (dual core) mobo;intel dh61ww ram:16gb gpu;msi gtx 1060 gaming x(6gb) can my PC give me atleast 60fps on a 1080p monitor for watch dogs 2 and battlefield 1 and some other AAA games?
  25. K

    core I5 6500 or Pentium G4560

    which one should i buy, i mean i can afford both but will a core I5 really be necessary for an average gamer like me and how relevant will the G4560 be in the next 2 years please help :)
  26. H

    Drivers and Software

    Firstly, I didn't know what category to put this under so that's why it is just under 'Windows 10'. Okay, so Drivers, I've heard of them. But I have no clue what they do, what they're for, how to access them, how to download them or how to use them. I do not know what programs/software etc. I...
  27. B

    Sound Card is broken and when ever I speak regardless of microphone

    A few months ago I went to fix my computer because I could only hear a buzzing noise on my computer and nothing Else. Currently I can hear everyhing except the soundcard is broken because regardless of the microphone used, there is an extreme buzzing noise and everyone listening to it has their...
  28. T

    Change Networked HDD to Local HDD

    I received two Hard disk drives that are formatted or mapped as network drives. I want to use them as drive D: and drive E: in a PC or as two external hard drives. In a PC when I want to format them, I am told "you cannot format a network drive". If I install them in an external enclosure, I...
  29. H

    LED turns off as i power up

    My toshiba L55t was working well, after a while i try turning it on, no lights whats so ever, i plugged charger, no LED indicator is on, wont power up, I tried removing the battery and holding on button for a while then plugged the charger, the white(full battery) was on, but when i press the...
  30. N

    Design a network for a college campus?

    Hey people, I hate to be asking a forum this, but I am running out of time. I need to know how to design a network for a college that has hundreds of students and staff users. How to connect its buildings, where wireless technology should be deployed, and how might the first campus connect to a...
  31. A

    Slow internet on my new build.

    Just put together a new build and my internet seems to be running really slowly. I have it hard lined in and I'm having trouble even playing something like bloons 5 right now. Wondering what I might check or if there is any software or anything that I might check my network speed etc. with...
  32. I

    compatible graphic card

    Hello guys, Is NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 710 video card compatible with FOXCONN N 15235 motherboard? Thanks in advance!
  33. K

    Good Computer Low Performance

    My computer cant even handle games on the lowest graphic settings, ive updated all of my drivers. My specs are CPU - Intel Core i7 processor 4790, RAM - 12GB DDR3 Memory, HDD - 2TB Hard Drive,VIDEO - NVIDIA GeForce GTX745 4GB Really need your help
  34. G

    Mouse pointer twitching

    Hello! I have started to experience a very annoying problem with my Razer Abyssus 2014 gaming mouse. My mouse pointer is not very accurate. In example, if I move my mouse straight to left or right it weirdly twitches and doesn't go like I move my mouse. Everytime that happens I blow in to my...