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  1. C

    Digitizing old 120 slides

    I would like to convert my Mom's 120 slides to digital format. I have a G4050 HP scanner for 35mm but not holder for the 120 slides. I have looked at digitizing services but apparently 120 is not an easy size to convert. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
  2. S

    Upgrading My RAM

    I'm upgrading the RAM on my Biostar TA790GXE 128M MB, I currently only have 4gb of RAM and considering my MB allows up to 16gb, I would like to be around 8-16gb for smoother operation. I'm looking at some RAM and I'm iffy about ordering anything because I'm not sure what's going to be...
  3. L

    Hey I would like to upgrade the processor in my laptop, as of now it has got celeron N3060 processor in it

    Hey I would like to upgrade the processor in my laptop, as of now it has got celeron N3060 processor in it, can I upgrade it to I3 or I5 processor??
  4. N

    Problem with gpu usage

    3 months ago I finished my PC build and I was very happy with it and had no problems until I noticed that my gpu is not hitting 100% when I'm playing games. I've searched internet for information, tried fresh install of windows 10, cleaned gpu drivers with DDU and none of those worked. When I'm...
  5. S

    GTX 275 Help

    My friend gave me his bfg gtx 275 graphics card and I tried to put it in and it worked but... there’s one end and a little piece that won’t fit. This is what it looks like. Please help me.
  6. S

    Way to get a physically damaged hard drive to mount?

    I'm trying some data recover for a friend on a damaged drive. It was damaged in a fall and clicks when it spins up, so I'm pretty sure its physical damage. I'm not optimistic about being able to get any data off of it, because I can't even get it to mount. I put the drive in an external...
  7. G

    Software Diagnostic Tool Question

    I had decided to wipe the slate clean on my gaming PC and reinstall Windows 10 and certain software after running into some software issues. My important stuff as always was backed up to an external hard drive. However, I wish to take as much care as I can for my PC for the next 1-2 years...
  8. M

    SSD is gone from the boot menu and pc wont start (happened after my gpu died)

    This is weird. My ssd never had any problems until yesterday when my second gpu died. I had to take it out and for some reason some settings on my computer where set to default like the account protector, windows sounds etc. so that definitely has something to do with it. What happen is that...
  9. Chess of confusion

    I Need Help With Total Annihilation the game.

    Hi i have a problem i brought Total Annihilation on steam it dose work it loads up but the problem is the screen.. When i load the game the whole screen shifts over to the right apart from the game that stays still. I have two monitors so Everything Apart from my Icons everything else like OBS...
  10. C

    No internet after installing windows 7 on hp laptop

    I recently downgraded from windows 8 to windows 7 on my hp laptop and when the installation was all finished i couldn't access the internet at all not via lan or wifi its probably because of my drivers not being updated but i can't update them. there is no internet and only 1 port is working and...
  11. Zalgo

    GPU upgrade [gtx 1080] now lags with OBS streaming.

    So, I just upgraded from my r9 290 tri-x OC (4gb). it broke after years of service. But prior to that I have not had a single issue with FPS lag when streaming with OBS, even when running games that went above specs. Now I "upgraded" to an Asus GTX 1080 Strix (8gb). All games run fine until I...
  12. N

    Looking to build a PC that will do 1080p60fps comfortably

    I finally made an account to ask for help. I've scoured the Internet for a build that will help me achieve what I want: a desktop that will play games at 1080p 60fps comfortably. I would have just gone with a build that someone suggested to another user that fit my description but there were...
  13. M

    Installed new cpu fan, no display now

    I just installed the Master Cooler Hyper 212 evo for my AMD 8350 fx CPU and the fans turn on, my peripherals don't light up and my monitor doesn't get a signal. When I had taken off the stock cpu heatsink the cpu came off with it and some pins were bent, I was able to get them as straight as...
  14. S

    Heatsink Pipe Scratched on NEW ASUS GL502VM

    Hi guys, I got new Asus GL502VM from few days ago. I opened up the back cover and was shocked to see very badly scratched heatsink pipes. Both sides got scratches and the right one is even worse got like tiny dents as well. Anyone has seen something like this before? Does anyone know how...
  15. H

    New PC Build

    Hi this is my first PC build any feedback would be appreciated CiT G Force Black Case ASRock B250M-HDV EVGA White 500W 80+ PSU Crucial 8GB (1x 8GB) 2133MHz Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Dual Core (Socket 1151) ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 2 GB GDDR5 Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB 3.5 inch Internal Hard Drive
  16. Z

    Cheap ssd for an old pc?

    I am looking to put a new copy of windows 10 on my mums old pc and was wondering would buying a cheap 64gb or 120gb ssd benefit performance in any way. She only uses it for netflix and surfing the web.
  17. A

    New Ryzen 5 1600 PC build with low fps

    I recently built a new pc for myself. This is the second time I've built one. The problem is with my new build is that it runs identical to my budget build that I made last winter. It runs CSGO at 80-140 fps, GTA V at around 25-30 maxed out and h1z1 at 40-60fps. Everthing is new in my build...
  18. P

    Backing Up A Windows 10 Virtual Machines to reuse After format?

    Hello guys At work i have several Vmware virtual machines up with windows 10 and windows 7 in it. I need to format 2 of the main PCs that have some virtual machines in. I was wondering if i just copy the folder of each virtual machine located on my documents and put it after formatting and...
  19. A

    best graphics for i3 7350k

    best graphics for i3 7350k
  20. E

    Monitor gets no signal after windows update installed intel graphics drivers.

    Here is everything I know so far. Trying to install any intel graphics drivers crashes my PC. When I reboot my PC it gets to the windows 10 Logo screen, but then my monitor gets no signal and automatically turns off. I am using a GTX 970 and it is connected to the monitor through DisplayPort...
  21. 3

    Ryzen 5 1600 at 3.8Ghz

    Hello community, im here for some suggestion or advices regarding my cpu and the overclock that i have done. My PC specs are: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Mobo: Asus Strix Rog B350-F Gaming DDR4: Kingston HyperX Fury 2x4gb 2400mhz 15-15-15-35 PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600watt Plus 80+ Case: Therlmatake...
  22. J

    USB Powered HUB multiple HDDs

    I have 3 USB HDD's each with their own P/S. I am using them as a backup to data on my FreeNAS. I have two questions. The first is (a) whether it would be advantageous to hook them directly to USB 3 ports on the computer or (b) could they be connected to a powered hub and be stable (if so, any...
  23. P

    Looking for a dx12 supported gpu

    Will my msi h61me23b3 ddr3 motherboard support a high end gpu?it says that this motherboard supports dx 10.2
  24. R

    Building a new computer

    Hello, Im currently building and collecting money for a new build, but I dont know much about building. I would like to know, if these all fit together and work fine in my new pc. Components: PSU: chieftec ctg-550-80p 550W RAM: 2x8,00GB Single-Channel DDR3 Storage...
  25. V

    Is this Pc good for recording gameplay/editing?

    I want to know if i can record gameplay, stream and edit gameplay with this PC, my budget is around £500-£650 CPU: i5 7500 GPU: gtx1050 ti Ram: 16gb ddr4 OS: windows 10 hard drive: 1Tb 7200rpm i want to play games like CS:GO H1z1 and PUBG at a decent resolution, i can get 35-50FPS easily on...
  26. K

    I have a bios or cpu issue that keeps my pc from booting

    I have a hp pavilion slimline s3620f with 4 gigs of ddr2 an a pentium dual core that froze at that post screen I force shut it down and now It doesn't post
  27. E

    Are these cards compatible with my PC?

    Hi, I don't know too much about graphics cards but I have a PC like this here: except it is i5 4460 instead of 6400. Please let me know if either of these MSI gtx 1060 graphics cards would be...
  28. C

    pc build help

    iv recently bought a pc for £464 and think its a good build for a budget build i am currently waiting for the pc and asked some people about it and they said its a bad build. im only using it for gaming. intel pentium skylake g4400 dual core 3.3ghz msi h110m pro-d socket lga 1151 palit gtx 1050...
  29. A

    Strange issue.... video output and keyboard after restart

    I was having a few issues so took the opportunity to upgrade my SSD to a 960 Pro TB and do a fresh install of windows. Just got things wrapped up and I cannot figure out what the issue is. Upon restart, the system posts (Code A0) but the monitor never comes on and the keyboard lights don't...
  30. Liammmm

    Accidently static shocked empty case

    I have a NZXT S340 Case and when I took it out of its box I proceeded to take off the wrapping and the styrofoam. After this I went on and touched the front panel of the case and it gave off a small but noticeable static charge. Not wanting to risk anything else I proceeded to find the closest...
  31. M

    Cloning or fresh install

    I am changing my 5400rpm hdd to Samsung 850 evo so should i fresh install os or just clone it. I have hp laptop g6-2236tx with 3rd gen i7 8gb ddr3 ram 2gb graphics....
  32. Y

    AX650 RMA - Acceptable equivalent PSU?

    Hi everyone, I've had to RMA my Corsair AX650 as it refuses to power on every now and again. The unit is 5 years old and there is no newer version of it - if they can't replace it like-for-like as per their warranty, what would be an acceptable (Corsair) equivalent in terms of build quality and...
  33. G

    Desktop Disk Usage 100%

    Wasnt 100 % sure where to put this thread but I'll try here. So if I boot up, disk usage stays at 99-100%, until pc shuts down. If i then boot up the computer again its fine, and uses "normal" disk usage on idle. I can also just shut it down and it works fine lile that too. However, if i...
  34. B

    EKWB CPU Monoblock help

    I just finished up my watercooling loop and filled it with EKWB CryoFuel Red solution. I am currently bleeding the system and I'm worried as the bubbles in the images look more like condensation then trapped air bubbles. Before this I opened up the monoblock and cleaned the inside as I...
  35. G

    Can I get your overall opinion on this laptop, as well as answer a hard drive question?

    Hello, I plan on purchasing a new laptop for work/gaming in the near future. I'm more than happy with its specs but I'm a bit confused regarding the drives. It comes with two 1TB drives, one SSD and the other HDD. I'm unsure of which drive the computer is going to be booting off of. I'm assuming...
  36. M

    4000$ Workstation/Gaming Pc, is it good?

    So I'm planning for a build, and now that I have most of the components down, I want to know how good it is, and if I made any mistake! CPU: i9 7920X Cooler: CRYORIG A40 CR-A4A Hybrid Liquid Cooler 240mm Radiator with Additional Airflow Fan Motherboard: Obviously depends on the CPU, but the...
  37. A

    Massive laptop overheating

    Hello. I've been experiencing isues with my laptop temperature while gaming, aswell as massive framerate drops and plenty of lag spikes/microstuttering. Before you ask, yes, I have cleaned up my laptop. There was actually a lot (and I mean a lot) of dust inside and it was generally just very...
  38. A

    mATX Version of Fractal Design Node 202

    I have a ga-ab350m-gaming 3 motherboard and a full atx PSU. I was wondering if anyone makes a case like the node 202 for full PSUs and mATX mobos? Thank you for anything and everything.
  39. GL9106

    How do I manage cables with a bad case?

    I have the G11CD case and the interior is kind of like on of those early 2000s and how do I manage the cables in that case?
  40. C

    Asus GL702vs-RS71 or Sager NP8177 Gaming Laptop

    Hello, I would like to know which one is good in quality, performance, heat (cooling), power limits that hinder the GTX 1070, portability, , battery, auto live updates and support, which one could be worth it for gaming. Please note that both options have free cooling system, either Free IC...