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  1. C

    My First Pc Build

    Hi, guys sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I'm about to build my first PC and was wondering if you guys have any different suggestions on parts, here's my PC part picker list, .
  2. S

    PC crashes when I play any game.

    Hey ya, have had my since 2013. Now just a couple days ago my PC crashes within 2-6 mins of being in Arma 3, Day Z, MW2, and Pub G. Never had a problem over the years and has me stumped. Deleted all the game and steam completely, reinstalled everything and still have the problem. I can surf the...
  3. S

    Asus RT-AC68U no internet connectivity every few days

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired an Asus RT-AC68U, worked perfectly the first 3 weeks but now has developed a strange connectivity issue. It drops internet connectivity every 4-7 days, always around 8AM. When I log in to see the status it says "No Internet Connection" and the CPU usage is...
  4. D

    Would like some advice on a Hackintosh project.

    I've only learned about Hackintoshing recently, so I'm new to the specific hardware requirements and peculiarities of it, please bear that in mind. My mother has been using a Macbook for the last several years and has been extremely pleased with it for the most part. However, it's been about...
  5. P

    Start a Program when a Bluetooth Connection is Made?

    Is this somehow possible? I bought a controller and got a program for it that makes it usable as a mouse. I don't want it to start with every windows startup, only when I connect my controller to my PC.
  6. S

    New GPU with no signal but onboard graphics work

    I just got an EVGA GTX 1050ti 4 gb to replace an old card. I plugged it in and I have the CD running to download the drivers but when an hdmi display port is plugged in the monitor doesn't receive the signal. Could I have a faulty PCIE port?? how could i fix this?? Also my computer is...
  7. S

    No video output

    Just put together a pc, ryzen5 2600, 16gb Corsair vengeance ram, b350-f motherboard, gtx970 4gb graphics card, 600W evga psu. I put it together everything seems to be powered as all the fans are on but I can’t get a video output, I’ve tried a hdmi on both the motherboard and the graphics card...
  8. T

    Won't boot to Windows 7 with other drive installed

    I just got a new WD Blue drive to run alongside my WD Green. I installed Linux Mint to the WD Green because Windows 7 broke everything a while ago. I installed Windows 7 on my new drive, and it boots to Windows and works just fine with only the WD Blue plugged in. But as soon as I plug in the...
  9. R

    Looking for an upgrade (Desktop PC)

    It's been a while since I don't upgrade my PC (almost 4 or 5 yeras). I work with audio/video editing softwares such as Premiere, After effects and Pro tools. I also like to play hardcore videogames, so I need a powerful PC for both. I would need to upgrade (mainly) the motherboard, CPU, and ram...
  10. M

    Which motherboard to buy

    I need to replace the motherboard on my sm 930f. Can I use a different board as some are cheaper than the f. I only need to get it working. Thanks
  11. I

    How To Stardew Valley “Fish Casserole” Story Quest Guide

    Story Quest Information: Quest Name: Fish Casserole Quest Text: Jodi swung by the farm to ask you to dinner at 7:00 PM. Her only request was that you bring a Largemouth Bass for her fish casserole. Provided by: Event - Jodi at 4 Hearts; Exit the Farmhouse between 6am and 9:30am on a Monday to...
  12. A

    starts for 1 sec and then turnoff again and again

    My cpu starts for a second and the closes itself..this problem occurs when i tried to run it...i tried different luck..i also changed the power luck...i don't know where is the problem coming....?
  13. B

    Looking for a new Gaming Headset

    So currently I am looking at the Logitech G Pro headset and the HyperX Cloud Alpha Pros. My budget is 100 dollars. I want a comfortable headset that I can use for long gaming sessions. If you have any other recommendations please tell me. THanks
  14. D

    Is there a better cooler?

    im looking to get a h100i v2 for my fx 9370, i know i should just upgrade but thats why i wanna get this cooler. if i upgrade my cpu itll most likely be a i7 8700k which is compatable with the cooler. but what i am wondering, is there a better cooler than this?
  15. R

    Need help with connecting power supply

    Having issues with the display of my computer not coming on after I power it on. I assume I’m doing something wrong in the process. And help would be great. http://
  16. J

    Losing signal to my Asus PB278Q

    I have this display connected to a GTX980 via displayport. At least once daily I will be working on a spreadsheet or whatever and it will just go black. The monitor itself doesn't appear to lose power because I still see the blue LED power light on but if left on its own accord, it will not...
  17. Z

    Ssd still overpriced?

    New nvme ssd are getting cheaper but traditional 2.5inch ssd price holds Whats going on?
  18. J

    ""NEED HELP"" Motherboard won't recognize cd/dvd rom!

    Today i bought a 1tb wetern digital blue for inside my pc. I replaced it with my old (500gb) toshiba HDD which still works but not relevant atm. My motherboard is a asrock H81M-vg4. after i mounted my new 1 gb hdd i entered bios trying to change the ""boot priority to cd/dvd as first and Hdd to...
  19. B

    budget silent keyboard [gaming]

    Any recommended budget silent keyboard? i have a blue switch keyboard now and i feel it was really annoying and noisy.
  20. K

    Upgrading PC advice

    Hi, this is my current spec: Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-990XA-UD3 CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor, 3500 Mhz RAM: 8 GB of DDR3 RAM though don't recall the manufacturer or the model GPU: AMD R9 280x 3GB GDDR5 SSD: Samsung EVO850 128GB. PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty 750w I'm...
  21. U

    New build or upgrade prebuilt?

    I bought the Lenovo x315 about three years ago, but it has been underwhelming for my gaming uses recently. I play things like League of Legends and Rainbow six siege, and it runs fairly well for the most part until teamfights or big firefights, where the framerate tanks. I have farily low...
  22. R

    Would a 450W PSU be okay?

    Would a 450watt PSU be sufficient to run a Ryzen 5 1400 (inc wraith cooler) GTX 1070ti two ML120 fans and 16gb Ram? The reason I ask is because I have all that already besides the GPU (currently have as 970) and I would like to possibly upgrade without having to get a new PSU as well.
  23. S

    Is router needed for intenet

    I have a laptop in my home and I have got new network connection. Whether I need a router for this because am using only one laptop.please clear my doubt.
  24. J

    my internet speed is good,,intrnet is working when i connect my laptop with data cable but whenever i switch to wireless conne

    my internet speed is good,,intrnet is working when i connect my laptop with data cable but whenever i switch to wireless connection it works for 2-3min and after that no net comes
  25. S

    Blue screen 0x00000124 (Windows 10)

    Hello everyone! I am currently having blue screens on windows 10 when I play demanding games. The blue screen I don't think has ever happened when I am just using a web browser or other easy tasks. I can sometimes play a demanding game for a long time, but it will eventually blue screen...
  26. cluedude2210

    Apple TV slows internet down when on

    Okay, so every time someone in my family turns on our Apple TV (4th gen) everybody’s internet speed plummets. Anywhere in the house.. No matter if it’s streaming or just on at the home screen. We have 250mbps (mega bits) internet and a decent router. The Apple TV is wired via Ethernet. And I...
  27. N

    Is it ok? Are the parts compatible?

    Motherboard MSI B350 Mortar arctic (92,90$) CPU Ryzen 5 1600x (194$) GPU ASUS GTX 1050ti 4gb (205$) RAM Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Kit (4GBx2) (102$) Cooler MasterLiquid Lite ML120L RGB (61$) Case Cooler Master Lite BOX 3.1 (60$) Pls I need some help
  28. T

    I have a 5.1 sound system (3 speakers and subwoofer) only subwoofer work and 1 speaker :|

    Only 1 speaker and subwoofer work , an the speakears that do not work hear a buzz , what can i do ? is connected with jack( like that at the phone) and is LG DVD RECIVER model LH - T250SC I have windows 10
  29. E

    GPU card crashed?

    I woke up this morning to my pc being unable to boot. As the VGA light was on, i assumed my GPU card was burned, and took it out. I was able to boot and do a system restore right away, and all seemed well. I decided however, to give my gpu one last try and put it back in, and right now it seems...
  30. A

    PC wont boot, Monitor No Signal

    Hello guys i need help, Im build new PC but it wont boot at all, Monitor no signal. I tried to remove RAM and stick it again but no luck. Clear CMOS baterry and jumper and not work either. Tried to not using GPU and not working too, unpluging all cable was not help. this my spec Motherboard ...
  31. RedDirt

    How can I tell which HDD died?

    I was playing with a 'new' toy, a HP Pavilion Elite m9290a that was sitting around for a few years. I noticed the hard drive was a bit noisy running, bit like an old 386, I thought that wasn't abnormal. But then it started doing the click of death. Then soon after slowed to a crawl, then blue...
  32. B

    SSDs died in a middle of nothing

    Hello. So I was downloading this game and watching Youtube, nothing too much... And my SSDs just randomly disconnected and now BIOS doesn't recognize it at all anymore, tried switching power cables, SATA cables, unplugging whole PC, everything... So is there any "non expensive data saving...
  33. R

    Best z370 motherboard under £120

    Most be comparable with ddr4 3200mhz, must allow me to over lock my i5 8600k to 5ghz and also compatible with an 1060 3gb
  34. L

    Samsung Monitor White light coming out from the sides of the screen

    Hello there guys. I just bought a Samsung S24F352FHUXEN and when I look at the screen sideways I can see white light coming from a separation between the panel and the plastic frame. Is this normal? Should I return it to Amazon?
  35. K

    Completing new build

    New Build is up and running.. The advice I've received here sure was a great help on the way...Thx! Now all that's left now is a new video card. This is what I have installed so far,and ,yeah sorry, I like Rosewill Nautilus case Amd 8350 cpu cooler master Hyper 212 evo Ga-970a DS3P...
  36. G

    EVGA GTX 1050 fan spins but doesn't post to monitor.

    Hello, I recently built a new pc with the amd fx 6300, gigabyte 970A-DS3P FX motherboard, and gtx 1050, but the graphics card will not post the monitor. I have tried taking the motherboard battery out, taking the graphics card out, but nothing seems to work. This motherboard does not come with...
  37. A

    Hard Drive not showing in Windows

    I have a hard drive and an M.2 SSD. Both are showing in the BIOS, I installed windows on the SSD and in the 'This PC' option in windows where it shows storage, it only shows the SSD and not the hard drive. What can I do?
  38. J

    Convert laptop CS-Storm laptop cooler fan to USB

    As the title says, I'm trying to convert one of the fans from a Master Cooler laptop cooler (CS-Storm) a USB connection. I have watched videos and read forums posted elsewhere on this site but the fans featured in other videos don't seem to have the same connections. I've attached a picture of...
  39. S

    Help with Vista

    I need help PLEASE I reset my Dell 530 inspiron back to factory setting .It seems to be OK as it pulls up all the help Items shows the clock with correct time,and shows Desk top with icons ===but I cannot connect to the Internet,everything I try it tells me to connect to the Internet as I am...
  40. S

    Would gtx 1060.6gb be enough for today's games?

    Would gtx 1060.6gb be enough for today's games?