First timer questions


Oct 4, 2009
hey guys so I just overclocked my amd athlon ii x4 620 from 200 mhz to 235. 3.05ghz now, for a total of 17.5% increase..i also overclocked the integrated 4200 gpu from 500 to 680mhz, could probably do more, but im waiting on a 5850 so no use overclocking it more. I didn't touch anything else like the ht link freq and nb freq, and voltage is on stock. is that wrong, do i have to change those? currently running occt, temps are stuck at 59C at load and about 30-35 at idle, is that alright? I turned off Cool and quiet, can i actually have it enabled? thanks so much!


Jul 20, 2009
I am kind of a newb two, but you should run more stability tests. Prime95 for 12 hours, memtest for 12 hours. Voltage is probably on auto which is good if you aren't planning a crazy oc. At those temps you might be reaching the top, although occt does burn in real hot. Have you hit instability yet? An easy oc is go until it fails a 5 min orthos test or a half hour prime95 test, scale back two setting from the unstable and run prime for 6-12 hours. If the top you reach is not good enough you have to up the volts. With those temps though volts are going to up them and you are getting a bit dangerous. I have seen stable oc temps near 80-85 but the life of the chip is draining. Try ocnet or guru3d. never ask in on spot.


Sep 10, 2009
temps are ok, but a little high, I like to keep my stuff below 55 degrees. Make sure you Don't set the voltage to auto, because it will always overcompensate; If you haven't, find the minimum stable voltage for your clock. To be honest you don't really need to worry about other settings if your stable, however I found when over clocking my x4 945 from 3 to 3.525Ghz that I had to increase the NB voltage a few steps. As for cool n' quiet it tends not to work on some over clocked CPUs, just try enabling it and see if it works.