First timer with a burntup Mobo :-)


Apr 27, 2012
Hello, So I just blew up a Mobo for the first time. What a great stench! Would this kind of failure damage the cpu/ram/hd, and for the sake of curiosity, is there any risk in using these items on another board?
These ARE the droids you're looking for!

About two years ago I had a q6600 running at 3.4ghz and i wanted to get it to booted up so i ran prime95 to stress test it for stability (woohoo!) and I went to the kitchen to make me some food in the meantime. I come back and my room smelled like burned up plastic and my computer was turned off, I dont know why but I pressed power on button and it turned on for 5 seconds and then I heard a POP (capacitor blew) and when I looked inside the case the corner of my motherboard was melting glowing red ;oo So I took the computer apart and I could definitely see burn marks on the motherboard (woo overclocking). The asus support department replaced my motherboard without asking any questions. I got the new motherboard after a week and a half, installed ram cpu plugged in the hard drives and the machine booted up no problem!