Feb 12, 2022
I rarely post anywhere and just looking for help to try and figure out why things are the way they are

Been playing a lot of infinite recently and have been experiencing alot of deaths around corners or, my favorite hiting someone with the scewer and watching them walk away after killing me with the bolt hanging from their leg or shoulder.

i have shaw fiber +gig internet with 1000 down and 100 up

my pc has the following (forgive me i typically just call a friend and say hulp) :

storage - 2tb HDD & 500gb SSD

and aside from this i dont know if you need any other specs or not, im just tired of things not working right and curious if it is just "lag" or my pc isnt doing something right

tired of making excusses for <Mod Edit> k/d

thanks in advance.

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Feb 12, 2022
Also try these settings to see if your k/d improves.
  • Anti-aliasing: Low
  • Texture Filtering: Medium
  • Texture Quality: Medium
  • Geometry Quality: Medium
  • Reflections: Medium
  • Shadow Quality: Low
  • Cloud Quality: Medium
  • Effects Quality: Medium
Thanks fix, I will adjust these settings the next time I get on, as for drivers I keep them up to date with the latest ones available on nvidia experience.

my GPU version is 511.65
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