Formate a cd



Hello, I have Windows XP on my Laptop and I have a CD blank which tell me that is not formatted. How could I formate it? I understood that is some software for something like that. From where could I take it? Thank you in advance, Speranta


What are you trying to do with the CD? If you just want to put some files on it to save for later you can simply drag and drop the files to the CD then hit the "Write Files to CD" button. Windows XP will do the rest. If you want to make an audio CD windows media player can do that for you. Simply drag the audio files to the burn tab in media player and hit Start Burn.

Finally if you want to format the CD so it acts like a hard disk, so that you can copy files to it in real time with no extra steps needed you will need a 3rd party cdrw program. The most popular might be nero, it is a full cd-dvd making program but it is pricey. A free one that works well is InfraRecorder.

With that program you can format a CD so the computer treats it like a harddrive.