Free-Sync or G-Sync Monitor?

Apr 6, 2018
Hey all, so I have a Geforce Gigabyte 1080ti (Founders Edition) GPU and was wondering if it matters if I get a G-Sync monitor or a Free-Sync monitor? And if it doesn't really matter, is it still worth spending the extra to get G-Sync?
If not, then I'll happily just get a Free-Sync.
I can only answer part of your question in that you can use a FreeSync monitor with your Nvidia GPU (without the FreeSync). I'm using a 144Hz FreeSync monitor with my GTX 1080 Ti and don't have any issues and I don't see how it could get any better with G-Sync because I have no screen tearing on my 1080p monitor. Now my 4K FreeSync monitor did screen tear until I enabled Fast Sync in the Nvidia Control Panel. But I don't like using the 4K because it's 60Hz and is not very responsive to my mouse.
What resolution are you talking about? 1080p really isn’t appropriate for a 1080ti. You are firmly in 1440p territory at 144hz with gsync. After having moved to a gsync monitor I would not have it any other way. It’s more than just tearing - the overall feel is much smoother. Worth every penny.

If you do go 1080p/144hz then as stated above use FastSync in the control panel and tweak settings until your minimum is over 144. In games where you can’t do that you will get tearing but some people notice it less.