Free VPN For Android


Apr 20, 2017
I can't find a good VPN that will let me use Hulu/Netflix and connect to online games. I've tried a few, but only one will actually connect with the school wifi.
Yes and santa brings you gifts on Christmas. Someone has to pay for at least the electricity to run this service. Whoever pays the bills want to recover their costs and the so called "free" vpn services have been know to do things that are very questionable. There are some that force advertisements into your web pages and load clients that do things like mine bitcoins for them even when the vpn is down. Never use a "free" service, most the largest providers are only $5-$10/month.

Good luck finding a VPN service that works with Netflix. You might get a recommendation that works today but a week or month later it will stop. Netflix is not stupid they actually buy subscriptions to many of the larger VPN providers to get the blocks of IP they are using and then block them. It is a game of cat and mouse and Netflix is very good at being the cat.

The only way I know that works consistently is to run a private VPN to someone house that does not have geo restrictions from Netflix or rent a server from a very large provider like amazon or google and run your own VPN. Netflix will not spend the time to block amazon hosting but they do the smaller companies that specialize in vpn hosting.