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Question Frequent BSoD after RAM upgrade

May 14, 2020
My PC had 1 gb hynix ram. I bought a new 2 gb hynix ram.
I tried to place the ram in the second port (only 2 ports).
But the pc was rebooting again and again with BSoD and showing windows loading files. Then I tried with the new ram only in the 1st port. It worked and then i placed the old ram in the 2nd port. This time it was agin like the 1st time.
So I decided to use my new ram only.
But now sometimes there is random Blue sceens with message irql not less or equal errors. I didnt change any BIOS settings when I installed the new ram. Is there anything I could to prevent further blue screens??

OLD hynix
1GB MB DDR 2 800MHz CL2.5
There is also 0815A written.

NEW hynix
2GB 2RX8 PC2-6400U-666-12
HYMP125U64CP8-S6 1809

Advices are appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.