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does any one know why when i plug this hdd in to my system the bios knows its there and with a bootable floppy windows knos its there until u try to fdisk it then its not there
tryed setting it manualy in bios but that does'nt make any differance
it's a new drive
its only a 3.2g but the bios posts it as a 9.7 i read somewere that thats its unformatted size
its a mpc3032at
many thanks ken


Make sure that the hard drive is set to MASTER and plug it into the primary IDE port. Disconnect ALL other IDE devices from the system.

Choose autodetect from the BIOS and see what comes up. Compare this to the information that should be a on a label stuck to the drive.

If the BIOS has trouble with the settings then enter it manually. Use a Windows Startup floppy to run FDISK and hopefully it should be there.

Other things to look out for are the hard drive making funny noises and smoke coming out the back...

If you're still having trouble then give a little more info about your system as it would be helpful.

Hope this helps, good luck
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