FX onboard GPU?

Technically... Llano aka AMD Fushion would be that, but the llano architechture is based closer to the architecture of Phenom II/Athlon IIs, not bulldozer. Without a discrete graphics card, llano is actually better than Sandy Bridge's on-chip graphics, however, a strong dedicated graphics card will put Sandy Bridge ahead.


Jan 28, 2012
So the FX4100 etc... doesn't have on chip GPU because I need something to run games on low until I have enough for a discrete GPU after building new rig. Basically it's FX8120 or i5 2500k but purely based on onboard GPU.


FX processors don't have a built in GPU, I believe some of the AM3+ motherboards still have integrated graphics on them, but they're rather weak considering it's the same graphics chipset AMD used 4 years ago. They struggle to run the original Left 4 Dead, I ran that game on a Radeon 4200 once, wasn't worth it.

The HD3000 graphics on the I5 will perform better, and paired with a good discrete card the I5 will out game any FX processor anyway.


A llano fusion is only an appropriate choice if you don't intend to add a graphics card later. Say you wanted just a mild system to surf the web, watch movies, play little games here and there like WOW, League of Legends, Runescape, etc. It can handle some high demanding games, but for a purely gaming system, its not very appropriate.