FX8120 Temperature Confusion...



Hi Guys

Have a pc setup just other day, FX8120,Gigabyte 990FXA D3, Crossfire X 5870s 1GB & Coolermaster 212 Evo heatsink. Average budget PC.

Havent overclocked it yet but what temp program is telling the truth? Easytune, Coretemp , hwmonitor, all fluctuate differently, usually it says in all cases CPU temp is higher than the core temps,

For example, under load playing Battlefield 3 64 playermap in high detail 1920x1080, CPU will reach 52-53 degrees maximum after half an hour according to aida 64, but easytune 6 reckons its not peaking past 47 degrees &says the cores are 35-37 degrees, is that right?? I would have thought cores would be hotter than the cpu?

Idle on each program can be drastically different, say easytune 6 will say 28 degrees, Core temp says 22 degrees, aida 64 says 37 degrees!

Even if it is 52-53 under max load, is that acceptable? I put a very thin layer of the thermal compound which came with the coolermaster 212, if you touch the actual block thats sitting on the cpu you can pretty much feel no heat coming off it.


Minor variations(read: 2 or 3 degrees) between different programs is normal. You seem to get readings that are very different from each other, but seeing that you get around 50 degrees under load, things are quite normal.

Try a BIOS update to see if it fixes the problem with different readings.


Hi, I already updated the bios , its just confusing seeing different numbers , for example right now, while idling, its sitting at 34 degrees on CPUID Hardware monitor, CORETEMP says its idling 13 degrees which much be bullshit, I dont see how it could be that cold, and Gigabyte Easytune 6 says its 13-21 degrees....maybe its just the bain of a cheap motherboard.


Nov 19, 2007

heat dissapates 360 degrees, the heatsink only sits on top of the cpu. Temperature difference is normal since the motherboard sensor is below the cpu and on the opposite side as the heatsink. Internal core temp is closer to the heatsink.


Jun 14, 2012
I have seen this question numerous times here and elsewhere. If you run 10 temp programs at the same time you will likely get 10 different temps. I suppose writing a program for 20 different processors and 40 different boards is pretty hard. As evidenced by the results on hand.
I suggest picking one you like and go with that. If all your temps are within limits :)
Or pick the one with the highest temp and go with that.
On my FX8150, 990FXA UD3 Corsair A-70 air cooler , I max out at 50C on a Stability test, running at 3.9. ----54C OC'd to 4.2 all cores. After testing 5 or 6 temp programs I settled on Easy Tune and AMD Overdrive and even those show different.
I figured...AMD made my processor, Gigabyte made my Mobo, Who should know better?