Apr 7, 2009
I was wondering if anyone could make any suggestions or comments about this setup. I don't know much about computers but I'm looking to build a semi high end gaming system for $1000 Canadian. I'm rather clueless so if anyone has any suggestions I'd be really grateful.

13862 INTEL Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz FSB1333MHz 6MB LGA775 Dual-Core $225.00
14756 ASUS P5QL P43/ICH10 ATX 1PCIE X16,4D.DDR2-1066MHZ 1333 /1066 FSB, SATA, HDAUDIO GBLAN $117.00
14669 OCZ XTC FATAL1TY OCZ2F8004GK 4GB DDR2 2X2GB DDR2-6400 800MHz CL 5-4-4-18 EPP Kit 2.1v $83.00
14508 EVGA 9800GT 512MB DDR3 SUPERCLOCKED 2DVI PCI-E Dual DVI TV-out (Lifetime w/ reg in 30days) $195.00
12121 WD Caviar SE-16 / SATA-II 5000AAKS 500GB 7200RPM, 16MB, SATA-II (3YR MFG - 1YR MB) $80.00
14362 LG GH22NS30 SATA BLACK DVD±RW (22X+/-) DUAL LAYER w/ SW (1YR MB) $31.00
14225 ANTEC Three Hundred Mid Tower Gaming Chassis (No 3.5" Bay) w/Front USB & Audio, No P/S $73.00
13030 Coolermaster eXTREME POWER+ 500W (RP-500-PCAR) 24/20PIN (1YR MB) $59.00
733 Built-in 6-Channel Audio $0.00
1089 Built-In 10/100 Network Card $0.00
7188 MS Windows XP Home SP2 w/ 1 user License, CD & Manual $119.00
1439 Yes Windows is being purchased with my PC (Build, Fully Test & Install O/S, drivers & updates) $0.00
1092 $10 NS Enviro Handling Fee w/ 1yr Parts & Labour Computer, PC & Servers Warranty $10.00

All Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.
Applicable shipping charges are not included.
Taxes have been calculated for: Nova Scotia SubTotal 992.00
HST 138.88
Total $1130.88
CAD 1000 and high end don't really go together, but let me see if I can help ;)


I priced out a similar system at NCIX and I would say you are getting a decent deal.

I would say that you could drop the processor down to an E7400 and then upgrade the video card to a 4850.

The only real bad point here is the power supply. A Corsair 550VX would work well here.


You can check on as well, they have good prices, won't charge provincial taxes unless you are in BC and you get free shipping for orders >300$ and <100lbs.

Just at a glance, the CPU is 20$ less, the MB is 10$ less and the GFX card is 60$ less after 30$MIR (if I got the right model).

Take a look, you can probably save >100$ overall (or get more for the same price :p).