Geforce GT130M vs Geforce9600GT vs Radeon HD4650


Oct 15, 2009
Looking for a new laptop in the 1000-1200$ class. I'm already sure that I want Intel Core 2Duo (~2GHz), 300-500Gb HDD, and 4 Gb Ram but what it comes down to is the different video cards available for laptops in that pricerange.
So, which video card do you think i should go for:
1. Geforce GT130M
2. Geforce9600GT
3.Radeon HD4650
All of those cards perform pretty much like each other in games.
GT 130M is basically an OC'd 9600MGT so it performs better.ATI 4650 performs a little better than GT 130M,but as i said the difference is barely noticeable in most games